Lucidity Values in Action

Things We Believe & The Ways We Achieve

Participation & Immersion in the Artistic Process

Our open-source festival model invites the community to co-create Lucidity. Immerse yourself within our themed camping villages and Lucid City. Connect with the environment and each other in a land of arts, music and education.

Grow & Heal

Our healing sanctuary offers fee free healing services to all. Receive body and energy work with over 30 gifted healers and attend inspirational workshop offerings. Our highest goal is positive transformation at both the local and global levels of scale.

An Awake & Aware Community Creates a Compassionate & Active Culture

Our commitment to social and environmental integrity is foundational. Our food, beverage, and water vendors are waste free. Vendors and attendees use washable dish, cup, and silverware.  All our food is sustainable, organic and local. By teaming up with Stateside Magazine for our first year’s event guide we minimized our paper waste footprint. We make it fun for our attendee to be as clean and green as possible by offering a green campsite award.

Fun & Creative Play

We welcome all ages to Lucidity and have designed the environment to please the child within you. Children remind us to let go, smile and play. They are truly our greatest teachers. Treat the child within you by participating in our playshops for flow arts and craft creation. Enjoy interactive art installations that tempt and twist your perceptions. Keep your playful eyes open, there’s even an on-site treasure hunt!

Giving Back & Reaching Out

We are endlessly grateful for the hundreds of volunteers that come together to co-create Lucidity. We have set our ticket prices exceptionally low so as to open our arms to everyone. We create a platform for artists of all genres to expand their networks while gaining experience. Lucidity gave 15% of profits back to the community through grants, donations, and outreach programs. In 2012, this giving took 3 forms: 1. we gave a donation to Lora Wereb, a lucid family member who was battling cancer, 2. we were an official sponsor of the SOL Food Festival, 3. we taught a lucid dream workshop at Youth Interactive and showcased the dreamboards they created at The Holiday Bazaar.

Transparency is the Key

Our meetings are always open to the community. We are accessible to all who desire collaboration. We show our strengths by revealing our vulnerabilities. If you have a question, we have an answer, so please don’t hesitate to ask… in**@lu**************.com

Thank you, lucid dreamer, for your continued support.


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