Ancient Way: a Poetic Return to Collective Consciousness

Editor’s note: If you’ve been following Jordan Hamilton‘s positive psychology endeavors, then you know his surveying and interviewing requires a rather scientific language. As a refreshing and redirected approach to the same project, Jordan shares with us the following free form poem inspiring a return to collective consciousness.

Photo by @FishMakesPhotos
Photo by FishMakesPhotos

“Ancient Way” by Jordan Hamilton

Ancient ancestors would gather in circles.

Sitting and listening to one another speak.

Sharing stories, passing an emblem of respect to the speaker.

Chanting and signing.

Animating the spirit within them and all.

Some say we no longer need this.

That may be true.

But to me it is liking saying our bodies no longer crave real vegetables.

Picked fresh.

Or eggs from a healthy chicken.

Water from a live stream.

We may not need them.

There are replacements.

But I believe we will find

Just as we are finding with food.

That the replacements of social interacting we have chosen

Is not as fulfilling as we once thought,

We may find ourselves once again.

Seated around a fire.

Sharing tobacco and stories.

Laughing and howling with spirit and soul.

Photo by Static Nomadic Photography
Photo by Static Nomadic Photography


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About the Author

Jordan is a student, writer, and speaker seeking to integrate ancient truths into modern times. He will be attending Lucidity as a participant and researcher, with the humble intention of bringing the power of collective transformation into the field of positive psychology. He currently runs a blog and is a masters student at Claremont Graduate University.

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