Those Who Stopped To Dance

Technological advancements have created a pace of life that requires considerable effort to merely remain present. Communication through digital means has simultaneously brought us closer and further apart. In a time where time itself appears to be speeding up, there are a few who are choosing to slow down and dance with each moment. A growing portion of the population is choosing to engage in new rituals based off a new emergent mythos, informed by both our ancient ancestors and our unprecedented Now, seeking connections far deeper than any device can offer.

Lucidity is such an example. An opportunity to retreat from the churning of modern society into a space of raw authenticity.

Photo by Brie'Ana Breeze
Photo by Brie’Ana Breeze

Here, examples of our ancestors are present in the form of dance, music, community, and workshops that provide an infusion of humanness lacking in everyday life. The removal of typical societal restraints allows individuals to become a collective, a holding space for the transformation of consciousness. As a behavioral psychologist, I believe there is much modern society can learn from the gatherings such as Lucidity. The joy and growth that takes place on the individual and collective level is a feat worthy of sharing.

I’m particularly interested in the experience of collective flow, a state where a group of individuals engage in a state of flow together. Flow occurs when there is complete absorption in the present moment and self-consciousness fades away. When many experience flow together, the state is amplified for all, and each person is able to extend beyond their concept of self into something greater.

Photo by Static Nomadic Photography
Photo by Static Nomadic Photography

My mission and hope are to observe, and with your help, be able to share this quantified experience with the field of psychology. I feel that the pace of technology has exceeded our human and spiritual development and a recalibration is needed. With that, I humbly ask your support in filling out the Lucid Experience Survey at Rising Dawn so that I can bring your transformation and growth to the attention of the academic world. Perhaps if enough light is shined on the light being created at Lucidity, then more will stop to dance with us.


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Take this Survey on Transformation at Lucidity 2018 to participate in the study! 

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