The Balancing Act of Energetic Hygiene

Photo by Julia Muse

Taking a moment to center yourself, get still & allow your energy to coalesce back into verticality is vital to prevent overwhelm, & burn out.

As creative, multi-passionate beings, we often have a number of ideas & concerns turning in our field at once. As empathic creatives we might have the habit of accumulating the concerns of others as well.

Implementing energetic hygiene as a practice has the capacity to support the flow of your inspiration, & a happier, lighter state of being.

Just the simple act of taking a few long deep breaths & visualizing a grounding cord of 10ft radius or larger around your field to stabilized your energy is an effective way to maintain your personal momentum.

It also allows you to show up for your work, projects, & relationships with greater presence & effectiveness. Practicing regular energetic hygiene also increases your intuitive abilities & sensitivity while giving you the skill to stay composed & unattached from others intensities.

If you are an empath or highly sensitive person & sometimes feel drained by being around large groups of people this is due to either a lack of awareness or lack of practice in personal energy maintenance.

Photo by Julia Muse

I am going to share a more extensive but highly effective energy cleansing & recall to increase daily effectiveness. So you can have more of your energy to use for your benefit.

This practice works better with the eyes closed but for the sake of being able to read this, visualize while follow along.

Taking a few long deep belly breaths.

Relaxing the muscles of the face, jaw, collar bones.

Scanning down the body. Relaxing as you make your way down.

Once the whole body has been dialed more deeply into relaxation, send a cord of light from the base of the spine all the way to the center of the earth.

Widening that cord bigger than your field

About 10 feet in all directions.

Photo by Julia Muse

Now welcoming in generous amounts of gold light to come in above the crown to cleanse & clear in & outside of the field.

Sending all energy ready to be released down & out the grounding cord & into the earth.

As we do this we make the command, “I clear all foreign energy from my field now.”

Rinsing with lots of gold light make the command, “I clear all foreign energy from my field now.”

Grounded & centered

Keeping that grounding cord nice & big, go ahead & clear out any specific people who you may have been interacting a lot with or thinking about.

“I clear _________ from my field now.”

Grounded & centered…

Photo by Julia Muse

Keeping that grounding cord nice & big to support this clearing I now want you to see yourself inside of a column of light.

The column extends about 3 feet around you in all directions as bright & columnar as possible

Extending above the crown beyond your sight & into the earth beyond your sight.

Making the command, “I now open to more Earth energy than ever before.”

& just taking notice to feel if that prayer allowed you to feel more supported or grounded or maybe nothing happened & that’s good information too.

Taking notice builds out capacity to read subtle energy

Grounded & centered inside our column of light

Keeping that grounded cord even larger to support the vertical power of our column.

Photo by Julia Muse

Making the command, “I now open to more cosmic energy than ever before.”

& taking notice of any subtleties occurring as a result of this declaration.

Grounded & centered

Make the command, “I call all of my energy back from any person, place, time or space.”

& like little fireflies you watch as your energy returns home to you making your column even stronger & brighter.

Breathing to integrate this recall gently & evenly,

Go ahead & call your energy back from anyone you cleared out of your field specify before.

“I call all of my energy back from _________.”

Now is a brilliant time to make your prayers for any specific support you may be needing in this now moment. Your requests to the universe have a much stronger radiance when we are in our chosen sovereignty & verticality.

Photo by Julia Muse

The more time you take to implement these tools, the easier & more second nature they become. When you are feeling an intense or uncomfortable energy you can ask it some questions to determine how to work with this specific emotion (energy in motion).

Even if you get reoccurring anxiety or depression, each time we step into these feelings it’s a different situation.

Ask your body…Is this mine?

If it’s not simply return to sender, “I uncreate, dissolve & release this energy & send it back from where it came in the most loving & peaceful way”

Add your flavor to these prayers,

It works best for you when you add you essence to the commands.

If the energy is yours,

Rather than make it a problem, or condemn the discomfort

Ask it!

“How can I ease the stress on my body”

“What can I do to soften & receive”

Use these tools as needed!

The more we play with our awareness &

Direct our energy with out intention

The more of our own magic opens up to us : )

Stay sovereign my friends!

& Stay curious.



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