Dancing With Discomfort as a Changemaker & Influencer

Photo by Julia Muse

I continuously witness myself & others coming into conflict with the self, as emotional & mental challenges arise during a time of uplevel, or desiring to create, expand our expression & influence.

These difficulties have the illusion of being in the way of our progress. It’s an easy reaction to begin to shame the self for not being somewhere else or in the energy of stability, confidence & clarity. Let’s go ahead & offer up a command for all of us now around this misconception of separation:

“I am willing to uncreate, dissolve & release any shame I have placed on myself for not containing or obtaining a certain state of being or achievement.”

“I ask for all the help I can get to uncreate, dissolve & release this habit & pattern forever, thank you it is done, it is done it is done. So be it.”

It’s not our job to micromanage the universe.

Not only are these challenging emotional states not “road blocks,” in truth it is our life showing us where to prioritize our energy in order to access greater freedom to actualize our dreams & visions. Moving into new ways of being & upgrading our operating system, results in a highlighting of all the places we need to adjust our beliefs.

Photo by Julia Muse

Where to navigate our attention to shift out of negative thought patterns & reactions, that are no longer cutting it. Allowing in more light amplifies all the thoughts, ideas, & images of the self. Both the pleasurable & the painful to illuminate where we can liberate, renegotiate & reconnect in greater wholeness.

Our human self is the one who thinks of discomfort, our triggers, challenging emotions & negativity. But on a spiritual level, these modes of experience may be the most nourishing soul food to transcend & transmute karma that has the potential of tracing back lifetimes, & across dimensions. It’s okay to not have all the answers.

Without placing judgment on ourselves around what is coming up for us, we can choose to place our loving attention on a question & ask how we can best dance with the information that is giving rise to our condition.

“Higher Self, show me how I can make this easier on my body.”

“How can I help to aid in my digestion & integration of this healing with as much ease & grace as possible.”

“Where can I place my loving attention in order to come into deeper acceptance.”

Many of us who are incarnate in this lifetime to forage a new way (or rather remember & actualize the old ways), apart from the mainstream consensus & institutions, come to create a life that allows for our soul wounds to come up for healing.

“We don’t receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves, after a journey through the wilderness which no one else can make for us, which no one can spare us…” – Marcel Proust

You are an infinite being & the less enjoyable circumstances & the symptomatic emotional upheaval is necessary medicine that we require in order to move into a more authentic & expanded expression,

So we way come even closer to ourselves & each other,

So we can use our gifts & abilities to even greater capacities

& build a legacy upon our deepest of integrity.

To sustain a threshold of the infinite so that all who stand with us

& after us can taste the sweet nectar of our pilgrimage

Out of struggle & deeper in wonder.

Step into your discomfort. Awaken to Lucidity and discover the self. Tickets here.

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