How to Make Your Lucidity Experience Even MORE Magical!

Photo by Julia Muse

There are so many ways to attend a festival & I wanted to share some practical magic to help set the tone for you to have an epic Lucidity & BEYOND!

The moment you buy your ticket or feel your 100% YES to attend an event you initiate an energetic resonance that is preparing you for your adventure. As the time gets closer this field can speed up & become more amplified.

And sometimes we decide last minute, & immediately jump into the collective catalyst of energy!

Wherever the timing & conspiring forces may be aligning you, I’m going to share with you a few things that you can do to help you have the most magical time!


It can be a real specific idea, around something you are looking to cultivate within yourself, to experience, receive, or to release,

It can also be one single word. Sweet & simple! 🙂

If you are traveling with friends it can be fun to share intentions together in the car to set the vibe & feel into how best to support each other. At camp its super fun to gather the crew & set some group intentions as well.

Photo by Julia Muse

INTERACT WITH STRANGERS….the stranger the better!

It can be easy to get caught in the flow of what your friends are doing & focus your experience around that. There is nothing wrong with it, festivals provide an amazing space to deepen connections with your dear ones, but Lucidity attracts some COOL MOTHER FUCKERS!

So stay open! I like to carry essential oils & raw chocolate on me as fun way to interact with others on the dance floor.

An artist friend of mine told me the other day that making stickers was one of the best decisions he ever made, & has opened him up to meeting so many amazing people. A gift is a lovely way to say “Hi!”


Bring a journal and take a moment alone under the Intention Tree, by one of the sacred fires, or on the side of the dance floor. Get on to paper some insights, learnings, & feel present.

Lucidity has some potent evolution medicine that beautifully opens us up to ourselves, new ideas, & inspiration. Please take a moment to write, you will thank yourself later.

Photo by Julia Muse

I also take little notes on my phone when I feel a quickening of inspiration that needs to be remembered. I also like to keep a log of funny things I hear people say…. Because it’s silly.


Even if you only make it to one! My favorite part about Lucidity is the amazing teachers & facilitators they bring together. I have met multiple teachers at Lucidity that have significantly shifted my reality & altered the course of my life into a deeper & richer experience, and continue to be important influences on my path. No joke.


Because you are dancing your ass off, walking all day, & you deserve it! Your body will thank you. It will also allow you to more effectively distribute the information & downloads you are receiving while at the festival.

I suggest setting yourself up with a nice sound healing journey or yoga class followed by getting yourself some body work at the I AM Healing sanctuary. If this sounds like an expense you aren’t used to justifying, cook yourself food for a day or maybe spend a little less shopping. A massage in the middle of your festival can uplevel your fucking life. TRUST!

Photo by Julia Muse


Offer up some extra coffee, watermelon, or a friendly joke! Because it feels good to share & connect! You never know what can become of these alliances & it creates a more synergistic camp dynamic.

If someone is camped by themselves & you have your whole crew, see if they are up to join your shenanigans if you are vibin’ each other. I know this maybe common sense but Lucidity is about community, so I find it important to emphasize the building of new bonds.

Again, Lucidity is full of amazing humans!


Fire is such a powerful regenerator. You will notice a different type of dialogue happening around the fires. I suggest when you are needing a moment to integrate or rest, to take a seat & listen.


Make sure you pop in to explore! I recommend a couple visits, there is always something you missed the first time! The vibe changes throughout the day.

Photo by Julia Muse

Support the artists as much as you can. They have stickers, prints, & canvas available & in my opinion artists are poetic outlaws. Living off the beauty that they create & share.

This is the essence of shifting our current paradigm, so show your support, it means a lot to them & the festival would not be the same without their contributions


You will come out a whole new human. If you were to pair this up with your sound bath and massage time…HOT DAMN you will be winning!

Then you could stop by the Essential Oil Wizard booth & love yourself UP with some plant medicine. Oils resist water so they make for excellent absorption a great time to use them is before or after a shower.

The helpers at the booth are so helpful & can dial you up to prep you for whatever mischief, magic, or mystery you are trying to get into. Make it a Lucidity SPA DAY! Who said your festival isn’t supposed to be relaxing, replenishing, & renewing! This is how you party like a pro!

Photo by Julia Muse


Even if its only one! Photos are portals back into amazing moments. Get the group together & take a family picture. If you meet someone who you really had a moment with, take on with them to remember the connection. Again there is so much happening on a seen & unseen level at Lucidity its nice to have reminders to reflect with later.

Be sure to ask for permission when taking photos!

And there you have it,

A few pointers from a Lucid lovin’ witch!

Lucidity is a festival experience unlike any other.


See you at Live Oak Campground.

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