Remember The Prayer Paved Path

Editor’s note: Among the many art forms is an underrepresented sect of writer: the poet. Julia Muse authors the following piece of poetry with the same creative fervor that is sewn into her photography, which is featured throughout the article. Take some time to read from various angles, adjust the lighting so to speak, and above all, enjoy.

Photo by Julia Muse

There is a compass that resides in the center of your chest,

Pulsing in pursuit of harmony.

The quest of equanimity,

Taken through orchestrated lessons of the highest good.


Recycled roles,

Positions & responsibilities rolling over lifetimes,

With the objective to learn, savor & express.

To taste the many flavors of love & loss

To know the depth of being.


Digesting with forgiveness,

The less savory of circumstances.

Lets cheers to the cyclical nature of all things,

Humor in the fact that nature is not linear,

& that we evolve in accordance,

through a path that holds the greatest benefit to our unique karmic composition.

Photo by Julia Muse

Destination-less wandering of the soul,

Awakening to the remembrance of the scarceness

Intrinsic to each moment.


Perhaps the greatest magic lies in our mistakes,

Creators way of refocusing priority.

Engineering a path of greater authenticity,

Attuning your journey to guide you to specific energy centers

Within & without.


Gateways to your larger being.


To teachers, healers, lovers,

Oceans, rivers, streams,

Cities, conversation & coincidence.

Photo by Julia Muse

To collect the medicine of memory,

To acquire the wisdom needed to carry on.


Trust all is here to help.


Faith is where we meet the mystery,

To touch skin with creation.

For when you acknowledge spirit,

Spirit acknowledges you.


Opening to the temple of the all knowing through the belief that it exists.


All relationships strengthen with loving attention,

Call to your heart, the connection to spirit.

As often as you can.

Photo by Julia Muse




Is the key to our reconnection with source.


Welcoming the certainty of peace,

Through our established assurance,

That we are guided.


We coax out a gentle understanding & acceptance for the plight of all beings.

To grace god disguised as the enemy.


We bring balance by tending fire.

Bringing song back to our voices

& bare-feet into our dance.

So our ancestors can join in our celebrating,

To send us their blessings,

So we can teach them to our children.

Photo by Julia Muse

All is not forgotten,

The universe wastes not.

This too is part of the divinity.

Allow acceptance to unbind you from resentment

& provide us with your strength necessary for the restoration,

Of human conditioning.


We are returning to the natural world,

Returning to the truth.

Fortitude is not built over night,

So celebrate diligently,

Love devotedly.


Your life is a prayer, each day that you are.

Each breath is a new choice,

To express your gratitude for the opportunity to grow.

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