Redefining Recovery with Gold’s Gym & Drishti Beats

People standing around the perimeter of The Movement Lab's padded mats holding hands. Huge turnout at this workshop it appears. Photo taken from behind the speaker out into audience.
Photo by Tanya Nesta

Picture this – a mecca of wellness, music, and enlightenment. Enter Lucidity Festival: Auroras’ Light…

Immerse yourself and truly learn what it means to “be in” recovery. Let’s face it, the world is full of music festivals that serve as an oasis for yogic modalities. At every turn there is a music festival in every corner of the world. From breathwork to sound healing, yoga to dancing, festivals are creating a space where recovery isn’t just a concept—it’s a lifestyle.

The fitness industry can learn from this, partner with these events, and understand the best modalities to provide the best recovery options to help their members Get Fit for Festival Season!

When you ponder the titans of the fitness industry, envisioning those trailblazers who’ve set the stage for greatness, your mind undoubtedly wanders to a plethora of innovators.

But amidst this illustrious crowd, there are two groups that shine as beacons of innovation and endurance: Gold’s Gym So Cal and NOVA group, two very special franchisee leaders of Gold’s Gym, and the trendsetting yoga, music, festival, and teacher training company Drishti Beats. Both embodying the essence of visionary leadership and resilience.

Man playing / performing on his metal contraption. Resembles a cyr wheel but with more structure to it.
This futuristic cyr-like wheel screams visionary.
Photo by Tanya Nesta

Fitness industry leaders are taking a huge step into the transformational and recovery space to truly understand the needs and wants of so many of their members.

The Gold’s Gym So Cal Group, along with the innovative fitness and yoga company Drishti Beats, embark on a journey of sponsoring and curating the Movement Lab Stage at Lucidity festival, June 28-30th, 2024.

They’ll be bringing fitness, wellness, mindful movement, yoga, Zen Cycle experiences, talks, and music to their carefully curated stage.

These two-fitness minded and wellness collaborators are now going to truly understand the need for what the trigger industry term ‘recovery’ means and will journey into the realm of music festivals to better identify needs of their communities.

Many of their members come to music festivals to retreat, recover, and release. Now is the time to have the conversation surrounding what one can deeply accomplish within themselves at a music festival like Lucidity.

Movement Lab with many people sitting mostly cross-legged and across from one another. An intimate moment.
Photo by Tanya Nesta

Currently, in the fitness industry, the question continues to surface:  What are the best tactics for recovery?

When we think of recovery in the traditional sense, things like rest, hydrate, stretch, and sleep come to mind. How can we reframe and integrate recovery in terms of a festival?

Think dance. Think play. Think of sound healing and embodiment. These terms are familiar to us in the festival world yet may be foreign in a gym setting. A strong argument rests upon the notion that festivals curate a space incredibly conducive to recovery.

Continuously seeking out the latest innovations, maintaining a fresh, authentic, and true approach to what we call fitness is what sets Gold’s Gym and Drishti Beats apart in the industry. In other words, understanding that recovery is evolving – both in definition and in practice.

Strength training is now in the forefront of the fitness industry and the term ‘recovery’ keeps surfacing as well. Imagine the questions that constantly come up in the fitness and wellness space now:

Woman in a back bend pose atop a man's feet. His feet rest on her lower back and his hands supporting her shoulders. There is probably a name for this acro yoga pose.
Photo by Harrison Weinberg
  • “Do I need more yoga in my life?”
  • “Is meditation calling my name?”
  • “Do I crave life balance?”
  • “Can you teach me the proper techniques for recovery?”
  • “What’s your club doing for recovery?”
  • “What’s the scoop on recovery plans?”

The question looms large: What exactly is recovery and how do we, as fitness and wellness leaders, address it?

So, it makes sense to be on a mission to decode the mysteries of recovery, to provide participants with a service that resonates on a deep, and personal level.

To find answers, they turned to their members—Millennials and Gen Xers, the voices of a generation. And what they discovered was nothing short of revelatory:

  • Recovery is rebuilding from the ground up.
  • Recovery is finding solace amidst life’s chaos and retreating to a music or yoga festival.
  • Recovery is a journey of self-discovery and finding life balance.
  • Recovery is the soundtrack to our soul, and it can be found at retreats, music festivals or through yoga.
  • Recovery is a retreat from the stresses of life that can be found in yoga, meditation, or music festivals.
  • Recovery is a celebration of life’s victories.

But here’s the kicker: amidst the myriad of definitions, two words keep coming up—yoga and music festivals. So yes, dedicating the weekend to an active rest / recovery regiment can absolutely mean stepping onto the padded floors of the Movement Lab at Lucidity and tuning into YOU.

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