Celebrating Life Memorialized at the Intention Tree

Intention Tree at Lucidity in the night. Dimly lit with a few people congregated amongst the branches
Photo by Life in Flow Media

For many of us, the past several years have been rough.

We’ve endured things and had feelings we likely never imagined we would experience. Some of us have been taken extremely close to the edge, and others simply were not able to rebound.

Whether expected or blindsided – it’s rarely easy to deal with loss…especially loss of life; loss of family and friends. These trying circumstances often allow us to rally through our own hardships, hand-in-hand with our loved ones who remain, and often through tears.

This year we choose to water the Intention Tree with celebration and memorialization. The Intention Tree has always been a special space at Lucidity

From our humblest beginnings in 2012, our staff have gathered pre-festival to collectively set our purpose, express our dreams, and together form accord with ourselves, our mother Earth, and each other.  This special year of regrowth we extend our dream beyond the current reality to reach into the void, the everything, the special space our eternal others inhabit – to honor them and their life.

Group of people sitting in circle, cross legged, holding hands with eyes closed at Intention Tree

Nestled in the heart of the campgrounds, come enjoy a space of contemplation; an iconic representation of nature’s regenerative glory. You will find the magic of the great Live Oak contained in the safety of Nature’s nest. May you discover the life of our home.

Woven altars, mementos, photos, and tributes will be installed by members of our community to honor those we miss who still walk silently beside us. We invoke the animus of our transitioned brothers and sisters, moms and dads, children, lovers, and dear friends.  We express our love and gratitude for them through this collaborative prayer.

You are invited to co-create in this space. Or simply come to remember. Maybe there is a need to surrender – to leave part of your joy; your pain. Perhaps it’s a reclamation of a part of you that you didn’t even realize was lost. 

Whatever the case, allow the magic of this moment, this space, and the unified intention of honoring bring you through the waves of your own healing. Your healing is my healing. My healing is your healing. Our healing is our healing.

*Nature’s Nest built and prepared by Nature Dreamweaver and team

*Lighting and decor by Lucidity Build team

*Altars and tributes by friends and loved ones and the YOU the Lucidity community

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