Lucidity Community Care Principles and Resources

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Friday at 11AM on the Pnuematic Nook Stage

Hosted by Metatron – a look into some of Lucidity’s resources and values.

Have you ever wandered through a mass of people feeling lost or unseen?  Either consenting to or unwittingly partaken in mind altering substances that left you feeling confused or seeing things even clearer than you normally might? 

What about finding yourself in the middle of a break up or at odds with a close friend?  Have you ever really hurt yourself when you least expected it, at a place you should be having the time of your life?  Been tempted to make poor choices rather than honoring your inner guide?  What do all these things have in common?

Discover the level of support Lucidity Festival takes to ensure the health, safety, and care of our Lucid Fam. 

Meet and hear directly from key representatives of production, emergency services, our Council For Peace and Indigenous elders, and from other community members who arrive present and grounded in order for everyone to have the best experience possible – even when it seems to take a turn for the worst. 

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Some of the greatest healing and transformational experiences are steeped in mystery which might involve various levels of uncertainty, frustration, or grief – and a lot of in between!

Family Services provides a number of amenities available to all members of our community – but particularly to families, those with special needs or alter abled, and those who may just need a helping hand. 

From organized camps for those who identify queer, are deaf (Camp ASLove!), or need special access to medical devices – to simply helping families land from Box Office to parking to camping… this team works tirelessly to ensure logistic support is available.  You will see and hear from Camp ASL Love, meet with and identify sober support resources and more.

Learn where you can find Security HQ, Medical, and other valuable services.  You never know when you or a friend might need some support!

Meet The Guardian Team and RGX Medical, the backbone of our emergency services onsite who not only provide safety, security, and medical attention – but who, in conjunction, also work seamlessly to ensure you are supported during any head space, emotional challenge, or physical concerns you may have. 

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Between roaming Guardians and medically hosted Sanctuary space…

You will find allies able to guide you through experiences ranging from slightly troubled to seriously compromised.

These services along with ambassadors of our beloved Council For Peace, who are responsible for setting and keeping the tone of the festival through ceremony and community connection will reveal simple, practical, and potent community care principles. 

This medicine includes understanding the importance of bringing your full self to the moment, grounding principles, and things to be cautious and aware of during your exploration of the Lucid Multiverse.  You will also gain insight and learn tools to plan for successful adventure as well as navigate unexpected crossroads.

Be sure to join us Friday at 11AM on the Pnuematic Nook Stage, as the festival opens, to review the resources available to our Lucidity Community throughout our weekend together.  Knowing is half the battle.

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