2 thoughts on “Vivacious Jaguars at the Goddess Grove Workshop, Part 1

  1. I would so LOVE to bring my art to Lucidity Festival— PLEASE check out what I do on my website– I was just part of Envision Festival–I dance with FLOWERS and other FLORA and create Sculptures onstage –Some paint live I create with Flora live–But as more of a prayerformance with many different people including Michael Franti and Spearhead, STS9, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Tipper, Dessert Dwellers, Flying Lotus, Blutech, Random Rab, Kalya Scintila,and many more—You can see a lot of this on my website–You can also see the trailer to our in production feature documentary ***Dancing With the FLOWERS*** which features Eckhart Tolle,Alex and Allyson Grey, Deepak Chopra, Jane Fonda, Jane Goodall,Bobby Mc Ferrin, Tipper, STS9, Sam Keen, Iyanla, Vanzant, Julia Butterfly Hill, PLEASE give this to the producers–Blessings,Anthony

    1. Hi Anthony! Please contact Ally via our facebook page (see link in above post). She is in charge of organizing our Goddess Grove.

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