Workshop 3 at Littlewood Studios

On Sunday, March 16th, while many were lost in St. Patrick’s Day, the Lucid Jaguars awoke the Goddess at Littlewood Studios.

In this week’s video, Ally guides us through workshop 3 in a series of 6.

Recently our Jaguar jamboree headed up to the Live Oak campground where we walked the land, measuring from tree to tree, mapping the space. Our first draft of the Goddess Grove map is now available! Our vivacious indoor / outdoor spaces are for scheduled workshops and casual gatherings. The schedule is in process Рand will be available soon. In the meantime, check out our facebook event page to see who else is with the Jaguars.

Read more about our tribe on the community totem page, “The Jaguar is the symbol of the untamed feminine, the moon, and water. This totem awakens greater assertion of the feminine in all her aspects: child, virgin, lover,seductress, mother, creatrix, huntress, destroyer, warrior, priestess, and wise women….”

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