Activism and Creativity Interweave to Make Magic


On Saturday March 23 a unique and mesmerizing celebration will take place at the infamous Mission Canyon Whalehouse. Three mermaids will take the plunge, literally, in the home’s 20 ft long heated pool, to entertain and dazzle the 100 guests expected to attend.

This event is the fruit of an auspicious collaboration between JadeNow, artist and jade sculptor, and “Save the Mermaids” a grass roots organization aiming to act as an ambassador to the sea by educating the public about human-sourced ocean pollution and advocating for lifestyles and behaviors that preserve the ocean environment.

JadeNow envisioned a performance group to entertain the imagination while educating the consciousness about the true power of Jade. “Save the Mermaids” wanted to have a performance element to their green awareness education program.

Together they created a huge family of stunning Mermaids to present the Jade artwork and jewelry, and Save the Mermaids now has a performance platform to increase their visibility.

After every mermaid workout at the Whale House, all 14 mermaids gather around the dining room table and share a big home cooked meal. A real family has formed and the bonds this project is making are going to develop well beyond just performance.
Group Mermaids

JadeNow would like to take the mermaids to film the trash pollution in Latin America and other places around the world to help bring awareness to the use of plastics. We also plan on performing at many other festivals beyond Lucidity.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the few remaining tickets to the JadeNow Mermaid Village launch party this weekend, you can visit this link:

Or email: me******@lu**************.com

Otherwise, we look forward to sharing tail splashes with you at Lucidity Festival 2013!

We love you!!!

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