Fee Free Healing in the Wise Owl Healing Sanctuary

In a little over a week thousands of people will come together in a beautiful oak covered haven along one of Santa Barbara’s most treasured back country creeks. From live music acts from California and afar to workshops on cutting edge topics, yoga and flow arts, and much much more, Lucidity Festival is buzzing with excitement for all the offerings that are being assembled to create a love-filled magical and transformational weekend.

One lovely space not be missed is the I AM Healing Sanctuary, which will be offering fee free/donations based Healing sessions. Between 9am and 9pm every day of the festival, we invite you to come experience a variety of massage approaches, energy work modalities, sound healing and other wonderful healing arts.

Alan sharing his work at Youtopia in San Diego, 2012.

I AM Healing is the brainchild of Lucidity co-founder Alan Avila and his partner Allyson Gomez. They both have been offering fee-free healing in their practices for the last two years. Alan explains: “Donations aren’t tips’… a 1 hour massage is not valued at $12… however, if that is what someone can afford, or feels that is what the service was worth – then we trust that the next person will find it was exponentially greater and will over-pay, which makes up for the other. This does not always work. But this is how my divine partner and I have treated our massage business since Oct 2011 – and we have found that as we stand in alignment with this important value, the Universe provides.”

After sharing this vision in many festivals last year, Alan and Ally were inspired to create a healing space on a larger scale, and make available a wide variety of healing modalities to a larger number of people. “Many people who are normally unable to pay for treatment, or may not be willing to spend $50-100 to try an alternative therapy to western medicine, will greatly appreciate the chance to come heal with us,” says Alan. We encourage you to contribute what you can and feel inspired to, whether in the form of money exchange or meaningful gift.

We are very grateful to have gathered a wonderful crew  of massage therapists, energy workers, sound healers, and herbalists who are committing their time and energies to manifest this vision. Over 15 sessions simultaneously will be offered at anytime in the Healing Tent, every day of the festival between 9am to 9pm.

Healers who would like to share their work and passion in the Wise Owl village are welcome to set up as space allows. We ask that you support and honor our intentions of sharing healing work on a fee free/donations basis.

Corinna Maharani presenting a workshop on Ayurveda in last year’s Lucidity Healing Sanctuary

With love, light, and so much gratitude and excitement to see what may unfold with all the beautiful offerings in the Healing Sanctuary, our beloved neighboring totem villages and all the main stages.

Nicky LaFleur

Wise Owl Village Elder

and Lucidity blog co-editor

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