From Survival to “I’m sure to Thrival”: How to Escape a Zombie Apocalypse

How Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse and Getting to Your Favorite Festival are the Same…

After the first 3, the CDC recommends the best strategy for surviving a zombie apocalypse is to get out of major population centers. High density populations spread disease more rapidly, so you are surrounded by more potential threats. Also, high density leads to congested roadways. You need to be ready to go at a moments notice.

Similar to escaping the hustle of the city to get out into nature for your favorite festival, you need a plan so you don’t end up like this guy:

zombie - daniel hollister
Photo by Daniel Holister
  • Crew: there is safety in numbers. It’s economical and environmental too. It’s also a great way to make new friends. Use a rideshare site or collaborate with friends to go in as few vehicles as possible. This ensures maximum friends for those lonely end of civilization moments, and back up for a flood of zombies that one festy goer armed with only twinkling LED’s and a hula hoop may not manage all by their self. For even greater safety in numbers, we are offering a Lucidity Shuttle this year, check it out here.
  • Rendezvous point: Make sure it’s easy and in a simple route to get your friends. Avoid high traffic density areas. Escaping from LA, for example, you may consider a more scenic drive up the PCH, also, there’s a lower density of zombies and they are not good swimmers.
  • Travel Light: Less gear means more maneuverability, both in escaping zombies and getting to a festival. Pack only the essentials. This is especially the case for people seeking rides or planning on using the Lucid Shuttle.

However you make it to your next festival, keep these points in mind. And make sure to invite your friends along with you. It’s just more fun to survive and thrive with good people by your side, so instead of being part of an undead zombie swarm, you are a part of very much alive happiness parade.

Photo Courtesy of David Pricco
Photo Courtesy of David Pricco

Love you all, and see you at Lucidity!

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