Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse vs. Prepping for Lucidity Festival

photo by David Gueringer


One of the primary reasons many people get into Lucid dreaming is to transform nightmares into something more beautiful. In this weeks installment, we learn how surviving a zombie apocalypse may be the same as prepping for a transformational festival, read on for our first 4 top tips.

Survival Tips Part 1: The Rule of 3s

According to top survivalists, it’s easiest to consider our survival in terms of 3s.

You can survive without Air for 3 minutes.

You can survive without Shelter for 3 hours. (This includes clothing. Unless of course, you are at a nude beach or Harbin Hot Springs.)

You can survive without Water for 3 days. (Unless you are doing a dry fast, but that’s ceremonial, NOT running from  Zombies or dancing all night long to Elephant Revival.)

You can survive without Food for 3 weeks. (You will of course become very hungry.)

So here’s Lucidity’s First but Four-most Tips on Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse and/ or Prepping for a Transformational Festival:

  1. Air: is a given, but just breathe, no matter what. Whether stuck in traffic on the day of exodus or outrunning a zombie, hyperventilating only works for AM talk show hosts, and if their inane rants are any measure, it kills brain cells too.
  2. Shelter: Means anything covering your body, from the tie-dye tank top to a K-2 tent. As we know in festivals we must be prepared for all survival situations. From basking in the sun all day to dancing into the chill of the night, we need the right coverage. Pack a compact collection of layers. They should be functional yet fashionable. Clothing that allows you to feel free in the day and to enjoy those post dancing sunrises in the brisk of the early morning. Don’t forget a tent and something comfy to sleep on. Whether adventuring through a festival or outrunning zombies, you’ll want to be able to sleep well enough to have your wits about you the next day. For extra fashion points, a nice suit of chain mail will avert those zombie teeth, and looks really sexy with nothing underneath.
  3. Water: Even though water is readily available at Lucidity, at some festivals, like burning man, you must bring your own. And even for Lucidity, it’s good practice to bring 1 gallon of water/ day for each camper. While doing yoga, Qi Gong, the Monkey chant and Silent Disco is not stressful the way evading zombies is, in either case you need to stay hydrated and you never know when or where there will be water. For Lucidity Festival, you should at the VERY least bring your own re-usable bottle or get your very own Lucidi-Cup here.
  4. Food: High Calorie, shelf stable, nutrient dense foods are essential for surviving in extreme situations, and hey, you’ll burn just as many calories doing aerials and slack-lining as you will tiptoeing over that downed bridge as you escape the hordes from LA. You also won’t want to be leaving a trail of trash or carrying it with you, so trail mix, dried fruit (figs, dates and apricots are especially high in protein), jerkies and nut butters will keep you pumping. Add some powdered electrolytes to the mix to keep you from cramping up and you are good to go. For extra bonus, a few apples and oranges so you have STABLE fresh fruit, without the terrible squish of that forgotten banana in the bottom of your bag. Wait, is that a squished 3 day old banana or is it…Brains?

Now that we’ve got the Rule of 3s down, tune in next week for our From Survival to “I’m sure to Thrival” strategies…oh and keep those zombies off your toes!

Thanks so much to the L’Unkle Troupe for a great Zombie shoot, like their page!

2 thoughts on “Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse vs. Prepping for Lucidity Festival

  1. I wouldn’t mind a photo credit for the image of mine you used in this post, also used in the mass email you sent out. That would be the fair exchange for the use of the image, if I had been asked in advance. I’m a financial supporter of Lucidity and have been since its inception, and I would ask for professional courtesy in return. Hugs <3

    1. David, we watermarked the photo with your name, and tagged you in the caption and meta-tagged you. Sorry for the oversight, we usually do that. I didn’t know who had taken the shot, my friend Sara shared it with me on facebook when she tagged me in it. I’m the long haired zombie on the right. Like to thank you for taking it and Jesselyn Desmond and Mark Highlove and L’Unkles Troupe for a great zombie shot. That was a fun day.

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