Community Guardianship: Your Voice Matters, Answer the Call

Let me tell you a story about our Kindred Quest.

I will invite you into a story about Community Guardianship and the Villages of the Lucidity world.

I will walk you down the path through the riddles of the past, and teach you to stilt walk into the future on the shoulders of giants.

I am the voice of the Guardians of our Kindred Quest. After my tale, look for the Community Guardianship application to become a bridge from the wisdom of the past to the wisdom of the future.

Each one of us is born into the Land of the Giants. As children we surrender our story to the story of our parents, our guardians at that time. As we grow into the Adult world, we have become the giants whether we are ready or not, and seek new forms of Community Guardianship. We seek and become the ones who have skills, association, and understanding of the larger village needs. We seek and become the ones who protect, guide and encourage. We ask ourselves to “mind the store.”

Natural Leaders Foundation: Photography by Amir Magal and Jon Nash
Natural Leaders Foundation: Photography by Amir Magal and Jon Nash

When we engage with Community Guardianship we are saying, as a villager we are here to learn the language of our village, and we are here to learn the language of the other villagers.

We ask…

How does the village feed itself and who is responsible for caring for the village?

How can we be in service to those already in Community Guardianship?

What is my role in Community Guardianship?

This is a coinci-dance between ALL the people; where their individual needs and the needs of the group come together to shape and guide the collective whole.

Nature has its own way of bringing forth wisdom from the hive, the flock, the school.

Each individual voice adds a unique perspective providing us a way to protect and guard our collective unity. Our diversity ensures the protection of the whole.

The Dove of the Lover’s Nest listens for the harmony between things.

The Jaguar of the Goddess Grove protects all things humble and precious from her place in the trees.

The Coyote of the Trixter’s Playground minds the freedom of all and makes sure that no voice becomes too powerful or loud, lest it take over the whole.

The Owl of the Healer’s Sanctuary watches over the wounded and brings those who need healing to them with the invitation of the question “who?”

The Tiger of the Warrior’s Way plays powerfully in the open field encouraging all to bring forth their own personal power.

The Monkey of the Nomad’s Nook bounds from edge to edge finding the paths that connect all of the life along the paths and gives them a place to share their songs.

The Dragon of the Family Garden sensing through the very ground itself, and with it’s great curling tail creates a circle of protection for all those still developing and learning their way in the world.

The principle of earning trust through continuous accountability is how we learn the foundation of Community Guardianship.


The principle of becoming responsible for the power that grows within us as we take action is the essence of Community Guardianship.

These are the very things that we learn as we govern and do business through every generation.

Each of us have made great journeys in our lives or we may be standing at the precipice, about to make our own heroic journey into the unknown. Who are the guides, the practices, the principles, and the ways of learning? Our task is not just to survive, but bring back to the village the mysteries from the unknown from whence we came.

This is the Kindred Quest. This is the Community Guardianship Legend that we are placing on the Map together as a community, a team, a clan, a species, a steadily forward moving boat on the sea of eternity.

We welcome you here to play your part.

Curious How?

Community Guardianship is a program of Lucidity Relations, developed by the Lovers Nest Village in 2013 and 2014. Guardians have held the role of roaming and safe-guarding our village, keeping an eye and ear out, supporting with general needs, logistics, care-taking and being of assistance to staff, volunteers and participants. We are excited to expand the role of Guardians festival-wide and throughout the Villages!


Join Our Community Guardianship Team!

Apply Here to participate as a Guardian & Join Community Guardianship at no additional cost! You only need your ticket to Lucidity <3

April 7th-9th – Training and Orientation

April 10th-12th – Community Guardianship for Lucidity Festival

Who Should Apply?
You know it when you are called into Community Guardianship and called into Being of Service. Community Guardianship is about safeguarding what is most important to us individually and collectively.  If you have a desire to be in service to your community, to be part of something special, and to be part of a team that is devoted to community – then Guardianship is for you!



6 thoughts on “Community Guardianship: Your Voice Matters, Answer the Call

  1. I wish I could do this! Unfortunately, I barely got the request for Lucidity Festival off and can’t get additional time off! Will we be able to do this at another time? <3

  2. Wow. I am excited by this new development. I would love to participate, as I specialize in community development and social change through many paths. I know Josh, he knows me from Bliss Camp etc. and I am sure he would like to see me in a service place. This issue has become the hot topic also for many tribes this year, and I believe my presence will be a blessing in this new exploration and setting as we actually bring it into being. I am so intrigued by the real-time social change possibilities through a large participation in this storytelling journey. Please let me know if I would be helpful to this project in any way. Bless and more blessings Laurie Sage

  3. I’ve been a warrior of the light teaching people about health nutrition survivor skills living off grid living in the jungles eating herbs and foraging healing for its my natural quest to help give entertain educate and Awaken people. I’m am a guardian to the end for im here to contribute. Especially the old anciant ways of bartering and through umbutu. I’m available. Cheers

  4. Dave : Would ove to learn more about ancient ways of bartering and umbutu.
    Please come through the Hive (the center for Guardianship) we are right across from Lucid University.

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