Creative Camping: Theming Your Camp

Camp "Hive 5" Dj booth with camp members sprawled out in front posing for photo. Dressed in bee outfits of course!
Photo by Sydnee Wilson

Theming your camp is a great creative outlet as well as a way to entice passers-by to come in and mingle. A themed camp has a welcoming attitude and a positive energy.

Camping at a festival doesn’t have to be purely functional. My favorite part of day one arrival is setting up camp, decorating it, and making sure the vibes are immaculate.

First things first, you’re going to need a camp name. My group came up with “Camp Stop Won’t Stop”, a clever play on Miley Cryus’ hit song Can’t Stop Wont Stop. Pick something that goes with the vibe of your friend group, a special inside joke, or a clever play on words.

Pick something memorable that people might remember when you tell them to come look for your camp. Then, you’ll need to make a sign for the front of your camp stating your camp name. Lights, paint and neons all work well, make it eye catching! Pass on the glitter though. That stuff is MOOP-y!

Group of 4 (1 man left, 3 women right) hanging out in front of very vibrant painting on tarp. Appears to be the front of a camp possibly.
Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

Once you have your name, it can be easy to decorate your camp.

Set-up: Use one or two EZ-ups at the entrance and center of your camp to be the central hub where you can entertain. *Be courteous and don’t be too greedy with your camp size, we all know it can get cramped and other campers need space too!*

Then you can strategically place all your tents around the EZ-ups. Hanging up tapestries between the walls of the EZ-ups and your tents can offer some extra privacy from the ‘living room’ as I like to call it. This also adds a bit of shade and color to your camp. If it’s on brand with your theme, even better!

Next you’ll need some lights, we like to use solar or battery powered string lights, el-wire, mini disco balls, mini projector lights, etc. Yes, you will spend a small fortune on AA and AAA batteries, go to Costco.

It’s important to have good night time vibes for camp pit stops, plus it’s easier to see your cocktail station without busting out your lantern or headlight. The best part is, it won’t feel so depressing to run back to camp to refill your drink, you might even get stuck there.

"House Rules. All Bets pay 1:1" Signage for Frick Frack Blackjack.
Photo by Brie’Anna Breeze

Theming like a pro.

You have your camp name and a beautiful set up, now it’s time to level up your camp. Find a game or interactive experience your camp can offer to passers-by or new friends you invite back to camp. It could be a dance party, a makeup or body painting area, craft table, some sort of therapy, special cocktail bar, gift you give people, and I could go on and on.

It will truly make your experience more enriched and memorable, as well as for the new friends you meet and bring back to camp. Now, go out there and invite some sparkle ponies and that random hippie couple you danced with back to the camp for tea!

Some of my best memories at music festivals were made at someone else’s camp. I once stumbled into the most epic cuddle puddle inside of what I’m pretty sure was a rocket capsule. Be sure to go exploring in the camping areas while walking between stages.

People are usually happy to have you come in and say hi, especially if they are well decorated and themed, odds are, they WANT you to come in. What thrills will you find on your journey through Lucidity this year?

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  1. This is so fun!! Thanks for bringing these ideas to my attention, I hadn’t thought of doing this! Especially because I’ll be rolling up in my motorhome, so I’ll for sure deck her out!!! Can’t wait for this experience YAY

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