Rehydrate, Relax, Relive – Festival After Care

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Decompression is an important part of attending a festival.

You get back home on Monday and feel like an alien that’s been dropped off on earth. Luckily, some of us have been down this road before and know a few ways to de-alienate.

Rehydrate: Care for your body

I start my journey back to earth by hittin’ the bottle…the old Hydroflask! Drink plenty of water during camp breakdown, and keep drinking water throughout the day. Just make sure to drain the main vein before getting in the car and on the road.

You can drink a little less while traveling home if you want to reduce pee breaks, but I generally don’t mind the oft stop offs.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably been dehydrated all weekend, which is why you look like the delightfully sunken-eyed dirt goblin you are. Drinking lots of water and electrolytes will seriously speed up your recovery process.

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Also, avoid too much caffeine. You might be tempted to slam coffee and Red Bull all day, but trust me, it’s not doing you any justice. Stick to one cup of joe in the morning and maybe a tea in the afternoon.

Continue drinking lots of water and other hydrating drinks for a few days after the festival. The least we can do is try and nip dehydration in the butt to help deal with some of that post fest blues.

Relax: Care for your soul

If possible, take the entirety of exodus day (usually Monday) and the following day (Tuesday) off from work or any other obligations. Factor these days into your schedule while requesting time off or blocking out your calendar. You really won’t regret it.

Not being rushed to pack up camp and get home is critical to fully enjoying the event. It’s worth the extra time to decompress and re-up your serotonin levels.

The day after you return home, take an entire day to just chill. Don’t worry about unpacking, besides maybe some food or perishables. It’ll all still be there next weekend when you have a little extra time to do those chores. This day is for reflection, relaxation, and return to normalcy.

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Some activities you could fill your Relax day with could include; yoga, swimming, light exercise, taking a bath, cooking an epic meal, or simply Netflix and chill. Don’t open your laptop to do a little remote work, or to scroll social media. Use this day as a transitional moment between fantasy and reality.

Relive: Care for one another

Now that you’ve relaxed, it’s time to pump up that emotional battery to full capacity.

Reflecting on your most recent experience, you’ll find many moments worth remembering and reliving post festival. This is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate what a wonderful experience you just had. You spent time with friends, made new ones, and probably heard some incredible new music.

Reach out to those new friends if you have their contact info. This small act can nurture that relationship to the next level where strangers become great friends! It’s the thought that truly counts.

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Similarly, recap post fest with those friends who attended with you, send them photos, and let them know how much you appreciated spending time with them. These affirmations are so satisfying, important, and shouldn’t be wasted.

Now, take a moment to recall your favorite musical artists, and take a listen to some of their new music. It may be something you heard at the festival, sparking great memories, or maybe it’s a new song you’ll be so glad you found.

After a little conscious reminiscing, your mind and heart will be full again. I sometimes feel down after a festival because I wish it wasn’t already over, and want to just live in that world. But that’s what makes that world so incredible, it’s because it’s not your every day.

It’s the contrast between ordinary and extraordinary which sets these experiences apart. So don’t be sad that you’ve left, be glad that you’re bringing it home with you.

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  1. This was a great article thanks for the nurturing care. I also especially and sincerely liked being called a sunken eyed dirt goblin. Thank you for that. I feel seen.

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