What is the Significance of Auroras’ Light?

Woman with arched back and festival fans flowing in hand. Image is taken with an effect that displays the start position and motion to end position.
Photo by Megan Dujardin

Each year Lucidity Festival is part of a larger journey taking place along a 12-year timeline as we, the dreamers of the new dawn, navigate the many realms of the lucid multiverse.

Where are we now? This year marks Episode 11 on our pathway to universal consciousness. Joseph Campbell theorized that there are 12 parts in every hero’s journey, which means we are closing in on the peak of our proverbial story. We can ride the tailwinds of Auroras’ Light to guide us into understanding and elevation as we take a little peek inside the mythic story underlying the festival.

You can find a more detailed analysis of the developmental psychology behind the Lucidity story arc in this article, “The Philosophical and Psychological Underpinnings of the Lucidity Saga.”

Lucidity 2023 Episode 10 – The Great Synthesis

Recapping last year’s Lucid chapter, we followed our heroine Luci on her path towards finding the teachings of her long lost grandmother, who left behind clues to finding her. Luci is troubled by self doubt and fear, humanity’s greatest road block towards enlightenment.

Overcoming the challenges in front of her, manifested as The Fog, she uncovers the key to what she’s looking for – her grandmother’s emerald amulet containing a map to the Lucid City. Now, she must travel on the Auroras’ Light, the rainbow pathways both leading to and upholding the floating city in her Lucid dreams. 

Silhouette of person against a galaxy of stage lighting. A rainbow spans across the background.
Photo by: Foster Snell / @FosterTheExplorer

Luci’s story can easily be connected to experiences in our reality. For example, in 2023, the ‘road block’ which we all experienced was brought to life in the form of extremely wet weather, which caused vehicle parking and easeful access to the festival to be inhibited.

Financial hardship ensued and took its hardest blow at our festival. It seemed that The Fog was determined to bring us down. But the love and perseverance of our tribe would not allow such circumstances to end our story, instead we’ve resurrected our spirit in hopes to have the best year to date.

Lucidity Festival will now take place in early summer instead of spring, hoping the sun and warm weather will bring love and light to our lucid dreamers. 

Lucidity 2024 Episode 11 – Embracing Auroras’ Light 

Following the meta-narrative story arc, it is said that after a major roadblock, come’s resurrection. Rising to overcome last year’s tribulations, we rely on the Lucid Dreamers to bring this year’s event to full fruition. The best way to travel to victory is by way of Auroras’ Light.

Ethereal shot of Ayla Nereo (I believe) in a foggy, cyan blue overtone. Hand in the air, eyes closed, mid song.
Photo by Eric Allen

Auroras’ Light can be described as a rainbow bridge or wormhole which can transport one’s consciousness to the dreamland which is The Lucid City. In reality, the tangible Lucid City which we know and love surrounds the Lucid Stage at Lucidity Festival, encircled by interactive art and performers, merchant booths, and conscious food vendors.

The paths which we all take to arrive at the Lucid City come in many forms, some traveling from far away lands to arrive at Live Oak Campgrounds, others just taking a quick jaunt up the hill for the day.

Remembering our heroine of the narrative Luci, we come to find that she is the avatar of Spirit, and the central element of The Lucid City. In real life, the life source of The Lucid City is found in the spirit and body of our Lucid Dreamers, that’s YOU attendees! 

You will find your physical journey interconnected to your spiritual quest when you have enlightening experiences such as falling in love with a work of art, embracing new music, moving your body in a way that unlocks true potential, or making a new friend.

Powerful performances by artists on stage elevate the experience by providing interpretive movements to complement the work of the musicians. Healing workshops surround the Lucid City giving much needed respite and care to the physical body. The inner workings of a well oiled machine make every cog and gear invaluable.

When you step outwards and look in at all the moving parts collected to create such a unique ecosystem, you may start to understand the universal consciousness we all share.

Two pairs of individuals sitting atop the deflated hot air balloon. Each pairing is seated across from one another, deeply intertwined in a moment of connection. Close to sunrise as the sun is glaring beautifully towards the camera.
Photo by: Foster Snell / @FosterTheExplorer

Separation is ultimately an illusion, and it’s through a unifying journey into the Lucid City that stands in the center of our collective imagination, that we can recognize the aspects of our humanity that we share.

Oneness is not just a concept used by hippies to bypass difficult social truths of inequity and injustice, it is ALSO a reflection of a timeless truth that exists deep in our beings and souls in which all is connected and united in a field of unifying consciousness. We stand here in the midst of paradox, and say “Thank you, we will keep going”. 

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