Stepping Into Your Radiant Heart

Photo by Curious Josh

What incredible transits we are living through right now.

Anyone who is lucid, aware, dialed in to the energies of our cosmology, if you’re reading this, likely you are into exploring realms of your own consciousness through transformational festivals.

Or maybe you’re curious about the shifts and alignments which are currently coming into play that are equal part crazy challenging and beautifully enlightening.

We are in deep shifts and challenges. Gritty, real, confronting. Through this discomfort, we know we are on track. We are outgrowing old, outdated traditions and versions of ourselves while stretching into and embodying a new way of being.

Astrologically, Chiron, the comet known as the wounded healer with the affirmation “healer heal thyself,” shifted from being in watery clearing Pisces on February 9th.

Having held its placement since 1977 (nearly an entire lifetime), and now 41 year later joining the I Am activated transformational fire of Aires, where it will be for the next 50 years!

Photo by Amir Weiss

This engages us to take accountability for our own healing, to see what else we can shift and release, to connect into greater self love. To get clear enough to welcome in the new self, new earth energies, to take risks by stepping into the unknown with trust that if that’s where our missions are leading us we are on the right path. 

When we boldly choose to honor ourselves and nurture our inner worlds, we offer ourselves the most amount of compassion, forgiveness and love for our personal journeys.

When we choose to go into the darker dis-ease and uncomfortable spaces, to lick our own wounds and heal the parts of ourselves that cry for attention, we learn to love ourselves fiercely and give ourselves more and need less from others.

Here lies the alchemy to then step through a new door. Here we learn those beautiful lessons and teachings of the heart.

We clear the karmas and honor the closing out and completion of past parts of ourselves, thus releasing from past outdated structures on this planet that haven’t worked.

Photo by Nikki Anderson

Embracing the new and witnessing our own immense growth.

We choose to rise up again like a phoenix, becoming more lucid. Bringing the knowledge from dancing with our shadows and joining in the global ascent back to whole-ness while embracing the holiness of this human adventure.

This is stepping into the Radiant Heart. This is the joining of our highest aspects of self with our physical being – living and embodying that truth. Fearlessly going in, braving the shadows, doing the work of gifting yourself a higher perspective: the Moon’s Eye View.

This is why transformational festivals like Lucidity are so impactful and healing.

This is why we leave them more radiant and more in love with life than when we arrived.

They are an opportunity to meet and align with other healers, performers, builders, visionaries, artists, eco-warriors, musicians and leaders. Opportunities to attend workshops, to delve into offerings and activities that we may not have chosen without the container of a safe expansive space.

Moving and releasing through dance, yoga, connecting to self, addressing our light and shadow, celebrating our bodies in new ways, laughter and tears, exploring the elemental aspects of self, stretching your body, mind and spirit and finding likeminded Radiant-hearted beings.

Finding a new soul family is bliss. Letting off steam and co-creating with others is bliss. Attending a transformational festival is a gift to your soul.

If you want to experience more Radiance, book your ticket now and see you at Lucidity Moons Eye View.

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