What if we left a trace?

I attended the Awaken Visionary Leadership Retreat May 16-19, nestled in the heart of the Mendocino redwoods, the same venue for the Enchanted Forest, and felt inspired to share our collective vision for the future of festivals: Leave a Trace.

We were presented with 12 Guilds, which provided the opportunity for participants to explore their unique curiosity, passions, and expertise. Village Infrastructure was the guild I investigated, facilitated by David Casey of Project Nuevo Mundo in Costa Rica. We discussed an important concept, dear to Lucidity organizers and key to the collective vision for the future of transformational festivals: “Leave a Trace”


The idea is to use permaculture to create shelter & food forests, and integrate regenerative resource management in a way that becomes permanent features of the venue.  Workshops would provide the experiential learning to create these infrastructures, and multiple festivals could be held on the same piece of land throughout the year, each festival building a stronger foundation for the one that follows.

In addition to the structure, we want to encourage a transparency of our resource streams.  By highlighting and bringing awareness to water filtration, compost, human waste and recycling as integrated features of a festival-turned-village, we can see our impact and brainstorm new solutions for living sustainably.

The Lucidity Festival is taking steps to becoming a permanent village by acquiring land & holding monthly gatherings to collaborate & create for upcoming events.  In an interview with Jonah Haas, co-founder & producer for Lucidity, he shared with me some of the intentions for the future:

“Our ideal is to acquire or partner onto a piece of land where 10-20 of the Lucidity family can move onto it in a live-on / work-on capacity. We’ve envisioned this property to serve a variety of functions:”

  1. Sustainable & regenerative village infrastructure
    1. growing food; alternative energy; natural building
    2. reducing collective footprint
    3. minimizing dependence on dominant global systems
  2. Lucidity Business Headquarters located on-site
    1. Hub to ongoing projects
    2. Offices & meeting rooms for collaborative efforts, organization, marketing
  3. Hosting Additional Events
    1. Size & property characteristics will determine size / type:
      1. overnight workshops
      2. retreats
      3. full-size festivals

“There are an abundance of opportunities coming into our field and they don’t all look exactly the same. This is the general vision. We’ve been looking at different options and are really still just in the exploration phases, honing in on what’s possible and what is really wanted.”

It is my hope these festivals, retreats, and gatherings become more than just semi-annual events, but permanent villages hosting celebrations that create conscious community, showcase artists & musicians, and create a space for people to receive connection, healing, and inspiration.  I encourage all of us to join up with like-minded people in our localities to bring this dream to life.

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2 thoughts on “What if we left a trace?

  1. We too have come to the same conclusion and are sharing in this vision. It seems that this is the most conscious solution for the highest good. We envision many of these satellite cooperative spaces of harmony and co-creation appearing in the near future.
    Temporal Temple Creations
    A Crystalline Coalition

  2. Yes..been talking about this for years and especially at Beloved Festival this year. How can interested parties connect in with creation teams?

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