3 Ways to Get Your Hands Dirty with Permaculture this Week

Join The Polish Ambassador, Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour, and Lucidity Festival for a Permaculture Action Day in the community of Santa Barbara on Thursday, April 9th, the day before the festival begins, from 10am to 4pm.

(And there are still spots available to get the deep dive in the Permaculture Action Course starting tomorrow, Monday April 6th.)

Come contribute to a model for productive landscapes that can resist drought, catch and store rainwater, regenerate natural ecology, and produce multi-functional yields that will improve lives!

Permaculture Action Tour in LA.
Permaculture Action Tour in LA.

Create a Drought-Tolerant Regenerative Landscape

We will be creating a drought-tolerant, regenerative landscape at the Alpha Resource Center, a school and multi-faceted service center for folks with developmental disabilities. Alpha Resource Center is committed to empowering individuals, supporting families and building a community that values the contribution of all people; a mission that we share as well. Alpha Resource Center is excited about hosting this permaculture action day, both for the good vibrations we will bring and the energy we will put into continuing the regeneration of their land with the purpose of providing a better quality of life for their clients. 

Meet Larry Saltzman

We will be working on the 5-acre center alongside Larry Saltzman, a Santa Barbara permaculture educator and designer with 20+ years of experience, and many other talented permaculture designers and teachers, to create a resilient and abundant landscape that will provide nutrition and well-being for the folks the center serves, even in extreme drought. In the process of working on the land, you will have opportunities to learn about things like earthworks for rain infiltration, revegetation via seed balls, multifunction plantings, and more.

Envision Action Day Students Gardening.
Envision Action Day Students Gardening.

We’re planning to have projects available to utilize whatever human energy is present and willing.  Food, refreshments, and music will abound; and we always welcome more, so please bring food and drink to share.

Bring Tools if You Have Them!

We also have a need for tools, although we will provide as many as we can. If you can bring shovels, wheelbarrows, and rakes, please do, and we will tape, label, and ensure their return.

For those interested in further opportunities to deepen their understanding of permaculture, there is still space in the Permaculture Action Course on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the Action Day. Register Here.

And definitely come to the Permaculture Action Hub Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the festival in the Lucid University for a full schedule or workshops, skill-shares, discussions, and networking.

Directions to the Site:

Alpha Resource Center, 4501 Cathedral Oaks Rd, Goleta, CA 93110

Coming from Lucidity Festival (Live Oaks Camp Group), head South on 154 toward Santa Barbara; right on North (Old) San Marcos Road; left on Cathedral Oaks Road. End at 4501 Cathedral Oaks on your right.

Coming from Santa Barbara, head North on 101; exit Turnpike; turn right. Right on Cathedral Oaks. End at 4501 Cathedral Oaks on your right.

Parking is available on site; please bring friends and carpool!

Permaculture Action Tour in Boise.
Permaculture Action Tour in Boise. Photo by Zac Fabian.

To get in touch for all things regarding the Permaculture Action Day and Permaculture Action Course, please e-mail pe**********@lu**************.com

We can help you with a place to stay Thursday night! Don’t let this stop you from joining the action day if you’re coming from far away. See you there!

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