Prepared Camping: What You Need to Know

Every Participant of Lucidity Should Be a Prepared Camper

We all should bring enough to thrive, share, and enjoy our experience with all who are present. It is our encouragement of this ethos that has defined Lucidity as a community gathering, rather than a commercial opportunity. We are a village. But every Village needs its Facilities, Attractions, and Accommodations if it is to be sustained.

Photo Courtesy of David Pricco

From our very first year with Awake In Your Dreams we have said “Pack only what you need”. With a conscious eye and heart, It has been our intention to provide the music, the art, the shade, the water, the food and even the squish to allow you to enjoy the experience. We provide local produce to help our neighboring and trusted growers sustain their amazing work. We curate a barrage of tasty food vendors who all share our vision for a sustainable and conscious world.  We invite providers of water filters and solar power to support our basic infrastructure. And we plan complex and innovative waste management of all kinds like compostable toilets and a rigorous green team whose motto has always been and will always be “Leave No Trace”.

Photo Courtesy of David Pricco
Photo Courtesy of David Pricco

This year, we have heard a call for a new type of accommodation. From our global community (we shared space last year alone with peoples of 32 different states, 10 countries and 4 continents) we find people asking to lighten their load across the miles. From the ADA community, a need for assistance for people who request a helping hand. And from our own county a need to drastically reduce all forms of vehicles, including mobile homes and car camping. All of these reasons have brought us to two solutions.

Prepared Camping, Not Glamping

Many festivals in the past couple of years have begun to offer accommodations for its wealthier participants with a penchant for flair who wish join in the fun. Most also offer a bare bones option to accommodate the same needs we’ve seen. There have been countless discussions from the playa to the jungle about the nature of self reliance, Turnkey vs Plug&Play, and their place in our culture. Lucidity, however, has no interest in placing any individual above another or building systems to separate them.

In an effort to include people who would otherwise be limited from joining our gathering because of difficulty transporting their gear (due to disability, travel or otherwise), this year Lucidity offers the necessities upon request so that anyone can have a campsite prepared for them.

For the cost of this accommodation and convenience, we set you up a tent from a trusted US manufacturer that speaks to our values, an air mattress for a dreamy sleep, a temperature appropriate sleeping bag for the night chill of April in Santa Barbara, a compressible washable pillow, and a battery operated lamp.  It is the simple type of camp that we encourage all Lucidians to limit their camps to, in order to minimize our footprint’s impact on the land.

Proceeds from this offering are invested back into the festival experience, which helps us curate art and workshops, build more shade and venue spaces, and provide more sustainable options throughout various areas in the festival.


This offering has also brought about a new way to support our art driven, community based mission directly. With our conscious limitations this year our community has found many very admirable and wonderful ways to bring the same magic to Lucidity. In this particular case our Art Director connected one of our well known artists Gregg Fleishman with Prepared Camping to bring art to Lucidity in a new way. Gregg has offered two of his pieces, The Cube and The Gypsy Wagon, as options for camping.

Gregg is one of our oldest friends and a beloved creator and we wish to honor him as much as possible. That is why the majority of proceeds of his camps go directly to him in appreciation for his bringing us beautiful spaces to climb, meditate, and live on for years now. These spaces will be similarly outfitted as the tents, with a few minor accommodations (powered lighting, foam mattress topper, and inviting bedding) to thank our generous artisan for providing these pieces.  These spaces are highly limited… go here if you want one.

Check Your Worries Away

Our second offering this year, available to all our participants is a centralized bag check system. It would be unreasonable to ask all of our participants to shed themselves of all their earthly belongings and come to our festival without keys to a car, communication to the outside world, valuable musical instruments (especially since many of our participants are also performers), and even necessary medications.  While we recommend that you don’t bring anything unnecessary for your own concern, and should pack only what you absolutely require for the weekend, we do understand the need for a safe place to store those things that you’d prefer to not keep in your tent.

With the extreme downsizing of our car camping options and previous requests over the years we have come together to create a space where you can safely drop off your necessities. We’re accommodating all sizes and shapes for a fee and even offering a modest coat check system since we know boogying tends to heat up the blood and also that fuzzy coat makes it hard to hoop sometimes.

Bags can be checked in a revolving door fashion with a never changing number system for simplicity and allocation of space. To make it easy for everyone, we’ve based sizes off of what you can take on an airplane. Small items (like a purse or medicine bag) will be charged $15.00USD, Medium Sized bags (like a carry-on bag) will be charged $25.00USD, and all oversized items will be charged $35.00USD.

So What Now?

To see the various options we have provided for our community, be it two singles, a couple, or even a family in need of a camping spot please visit our prepared camping page. This web page lists our prices with the precise accommodations we offer.

Our Bag Check will be located on site at our Info Booth within the Lucid City.

For further information, questions, or concerns please feel free to comment below or email us at gu***********@lu**************.com.

We hope that all of our family out there come prepared to our gathering with love and understanding for all types of needs. We encourage everyone to be mindful of the presence they bring to our Village and what they ask of it. We believe it is within all of us to be a mindful, caring, and Prepared Camper. From the individual who requires assistance of others to the community who seeks to support all that support her, everyone is welcome. We come together. We play together. We thrive, learn, and grow together. We are all one. We all belong here.

Photo Courtesy of David Pricco
Photo Courtesy of David Pricco

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