How a Holonomic Perspective Can Transform Your Life

We are living in evolutionary times where the conventional mechanisms of economics, including how co-creation is funded, and more intimately, our own relationship to money and each other, are being deeply examined, redefined, and reconfigured.

There is a return and movement toward something that feels more aligned, more resonant, more honoring, more fulfilling, more liberating, and more sustaining for ALL of the participants in the newly forming arc of value creation and its underlying economic premise. I like to refer to this premise as the Holonomic perspective.

What is this Holonomic perspective? Let’s break it down…

  • HOLO /ˈhälō/ = a combining form meaning “whole” or “entire”.\

We intuitively know that the approaches that we have been taking relative to living systems, business practices, and resource allocation are missing something, and that they are not attending to important aspects of life as a whole. So, HOLOing anything means we are inviting a much larger and more comprehensive approach to be embraced. We see the use of HOLO being integrated into many of the progressive organizing models that we are drawn to today, whether that be The HOLOgraphic Living ModelTM or HOLOcracy (adopted by Zappos last year). Therefore, HOLOing out an economic perspective is long overdue, as it seems the very DNA encoded in the seeds of current economic perspectives have left something (or many things) out of the equation.

  • ECONOMICS /ˌēkəˈnämiks/ = a social science that studies how individuals, governments, organizations and nations make choices on allocating scarce resources to satisfy their unlimited wants. It can generally be broken down into: macroeconomics, which concentrates on the behavior of the aggregate economy; and microeconomics, which focuses on the individual.

When there is a large enough body of perspectives at work, we tend to classify it as a science. Taking a closer look at the subject of economics and its history, we see that it emerged first from political science and the larger body of social sciences. These political and social science roots of economics are what have for the largest part, governed humanity’s economic approach, and in particular, for the ruling class and politically empowered, to create a huge divide between the have(s) and the have not(s).

So, the Holonomic perspective invites us to both widen the lens and deepen our focus with which we see the world, and to incorporate that vision in the design, implementation, operation, and e(valu)ation of the ongoing moment of creation, of which we are all a living and vibrant part. At the heart of the Holonomic perspective is a connectedness to where we are making choices from and where those choices will lead us.

holo woman lotus
Image from Open Hand at Wake Up World

In delving deeper into my own journey of discovering what Holonomics meant to me, I explored some of the related terminology that exists in our current lexicon. I found the juxtaposition of the various terminologies we use to describe these aspects of our lives to be quite revealing as to the nature of many of the challenges humanity faces, individually, collectively, and globally.

  • ECONOMY /əˈkänəmē/ = the arrangement or mode of operation of something; a system of interaction and exchange.

So, ECONOMICS is the science of choice making relative to resource allocation, yet an ECONOMY is a system of interaction and exchange. Most systems are based in what I like to refer to as an “Agreement Field”, meaning, in order for that system to have come into being, a long lineage of agreements were required to have been made in order for that system to even exist. Many of the systems we were born into consist of agreements that were made by our ancestors well before we were even born. To that end, there exists an innate tension in us relative to operating under an agreement field in which we didn’t directly participate in the myriad choices that were made during the adoption of a particular system, especially when those systems have not incorporated newer insights that have emerged since the system became the de facto protocol.

  • ECONOMIC(al) /ˌekəˈnämik(ə)l/ = avoiding waste or extravagance.

So, ECONOMIC(al) as juxtaposed against ECONOMICS, would suggest our choices relative to resource allocation not be wasteful or extravagant. For me, this suggests an honoring of the deep relationship we have to resource; a coming into right relationship, so to speak. Sadly, whole civilizations could(have) exist(ed) and thrive(d) on the waste and extravagance we’ve agreed to give certain sectors within society.

Holonomics suggests there are other perspectives for choice points we might begin to embrace that are rooted in our core values of life, lasting fulfillment, and connected wholeness. This deep desire for wholeness (holo-ness) has provided the fertile soil for ever-progressive & restorative models of economics that are guiding us into what might be possible:

  • multiple-bottom lines
  • money as love2
  • top-line economics3
  • yin-yang currency models4
  • gift & compassion economies5
  • radical sufficiency6
  • sharing economies
  • sacred commerce7
  • resource-based economics8
  • sacred economics9
  • co-operative & generative models
  • a return to barter & trade
  • sacred marketplace2
  • use of alternative currency models
  • the activation of the real wealth of nations10

All are serving their part to open us up to new possibilities, return us to our deepest roots where the alchemy of our collective soul’s yearning can begin to take form. From the Holonomic perspective, all are welcome and serve as bridges back and into an economic perspective that works for ALL.

Generative Art – Computers, Data, and Humanity/Off Book/PBS Arts
Generative Art – Computers, Data, and Humanity/Off Book/PBS Arts

The Holonomic perspective suggests an opportunity exists for us to seed and root our economic models and operating systems in a set of core values that will deeply resonate with all of life, to provide a new basis for ascribing value, and for us to come into a profound honoring and embodied respect with each and every participant and resource being utilized in the creation of the value contained within the respective products and services that we co-create, offer, recommend, support, and utilize.

  • HOLONOMICS /ˈhälōˈnämiks/ = an economic(al) whole systems perspective that is seeded, rooted, and deeply connected to the vibrancy of universal core values and promotes the emergence of new and adaptive systems of governance, operation, interaction, and exchange that provide harmony, true balance, and an innate and generative prosperity for all.

An interactive technology platform incorporating the core tenants of the Holonomic perspective is currently in development to assist organizations, communities, and families to ground, market, operate, and transform our collective experience into one that is impeccably aligned, congruently life-affirming, and deeply fulfilling.

As with any endeavor, there are a set of guiding principles or underlying premises on which it is based. The following core values form the basic or primary GPS for “how” the Holonomic platform will create and interact, both inwardly, and as part of birthing a more sacred marketplace for all of life to enjoy and mutually benefit. With a deep attenuation to “how” we do what we do, the Holonomic perspective, and its core values strive for it to be done:

  • Authentically
  • Clearly with Clarity
  • Collaboratively
  • Creatively
  • Generatively
  • Inspiringly
  • Integrally
  • Intuitively
  • Lovingly
  • Playfully
  • Prosperously
  • Responsibly
  • Synergistically
  • Unifyingly


From a functional perspective, the Holonomic platform will serve as an integrative solutions platform for visionary and socially conscious enterprise that will:

  • feature a unique blend of values alignment technology
  • serve multi-dimensional collaborative environments
  • offer sharable wealth interoperability
  • provide an adaptive Holonomic dashboarding system, and
  • allow for multi-variant success factoring.

There exists an invitation for the Holonomic perspective to come alive in our collective experience. Therefore, you are invited to envision your deepest core values being integratively and integrally woven into the visioning, formation, start up, and operating, of organizations whose products and services carry that deeply rooted and retained value into the lives of everyone participating in the entire value creation chain and beyond. The time has come for a transformational approach to how resources are allocated and value is co-created. This calls for new perspectives and new toolsets to come online to support our journey. May the Holonomic platform offer to serve such a noble quest.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

~ John F. Kennedy

NOTE: this article is being published in the forthcoming book Re-Inhabiting the Village scheduled for release in May 2015 and supports the presentation by the same name that I will be giving on Sunday 4/12 @ 2:00pm @ Lucid University and as part of the Spiritual Economics Panel on Saturday 4/11 @ 9:00am @ Lucid University.

2 thoughts on “How a Holonomic Perspective Can Transform Your Life

    1. Hello Austin,

      Money As Love is a reference to the work of Barbara Wilder and her deep research on the sacred origins of money, before it was co-opted. From my own perspective, money is a form of currency or simply a vehicle for exchange. From the perspective of sovereign free will, money can represent whatever we choose it to represent and thus the redefining of money that is going on in alternative and crypto currencies, to name a couple. If it represents appreciation, then so it is. Now, given my own personal journey into the belly of the beast, I am perfectly aware of the distortions that exist within the monetary system, who the Federal Reserve is, and how the machine works from the macro to the micro and yet I am not here abolish money, make it wrong, or take a position other than there a number of progressive approaches to the economic structures we live under evolving presently. Thank you for your comment.

      Steven Michael Ehlinger II

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