6 Tips for a Frugal Festival Weekend

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Are you wanting to enjoy your Lucidity Festival Experience without hurting your wallet? Enjoy these tips below (so you can keep your bank account thriving 😊).

1. Stay in the Loop

If you haven’t done so, check out our home page to sign up for the newsletter and follow our social media pages. Our site has frequently updated discount coupons that will pop up on the page. Getting a festival pass at the gate is not guaranteed! Day of tickets are always final tier pricing too and nobody wants that.

Continue to check our social media pages for any ticket contests that will be announced periodically before April!


While food and drinks at festivals are super convenient (and delicious), they are not always cheap! Plan with yourself and your campmates a nice grocery list to keep you satiated and replenished through the weekend.

Another frugal option of course is the Mindful Feeding Pass. More on that here!

Create some meal ahead of time with your camp, like premade breakfast burritos or collectively buy some ingredients for a Mimosa/Bloody Mary bar! Keep in mind that glass containers of alcohol are not permitted at Live Oak Campgrounds. 

Man holding cooking pot, can of beer, and plank of wood with googley eyes ('Plank' from the 90's show Ed, Edd, & Eddy).
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Food. Beer. Plank. Check!

See the list of prohibited and permitted items on our website.

3. Carpool 

When you carpool to Lucidity with other local festival goers, not only can you split the cost of gas, but you can also bond with new and familiar faces! You can listen to some artists on each other’s playlists as well as gain more sense of community and friendships at a local level. Did I also mention it is environmentally friendly? 

Not sure where to start with finding a ride? Check out Lucidity’s RickyRides.

4. Work Exchange

If you donate your time for a ticket to Lucidity, you can save hundreds of dollars. This is also a great way to meet the Lucidity community and get plugged into work exchange and working future events with not only this festival but other similar ones! Choose among different areas of the festival to work at, like parking, the mindful feeding kitchen, and more!

Learn more about getting connected through work exchange here.

Large group of campmates sitting in their common area surrounded by tent, hammock, and van.
Photo by James Lester
Did they all carpool in that one van!?

5. Set a cap for spending habits. Be Frugal.

There are so many wonderful things to buy at the food and vending tents, but it can get expensive if you splurge too much! Know your limits and consider asking yourself, “Do I want this or do I need this?” But also remember that you’re worth every penny.

As someone who has been to their fair share of festivals, I’ve found that the best way to save money is by sticking to a budget and being frugal. Preparation is everything. Save before so you can spend without worry during the event!

6. Trade, Thrift, Swap Clothes!

In the past, there has been a Trading post next to the Dusty Barrel stage that allows you to trade some very cute fits! In addition to the Trading Post, many theme camps will leave some trading boxes by their spot on the walking path for wanderers to scope out.

Take an item and leave an item behind to score some new trinkets and clothes without having to spend anything! Another option I recommend is to talk with your campmates bringing extra clothes for eachother so you can offer up some cute outfits for them to wear and swap over the weekend!

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