Diving into the Soundscape of Aurora’s Light

Fully lit and laser'd up Lucid Stage (main stage) from the audience point of view.
Photo by Kris Kish @ The Sights & Sounds

The Lucidity Festival 2024 lineup is designed to appeal to a wide range of musical tastes, with a focus on electronic music and live performances.

Check out our curated festival playlist here to get more acquainted with some of the talent to take the stages this year.

The diverse selection of electronic music is sure to attract to a wide range of fans. With something for everyone – from those who like their bass music deep and dark to those who prefer a more melodic and
psychedelic sound.

We also have artists who will bring out their cellos, guitars, and keyboards for either impromptu jamtronica, or a pleasant ensemble of world music. As someone who attends many festivals large and small, I am particularly ecstatic for these artists to make their way to the Santa Barbara mountains this year!

Now, let’s take a closer look at the sounds of Aurora’s Light.

Lucid Stage at dawn for what appears to be Random Rab. A small squirly looking 'totem' poking out in focus among the crowd.
Photo by James Lester

On the Lucid Stage this year, we have some heavy headliners making their way! Jade Cicada and Detox Unit are fellow regulars of Tipper and Friends events, and run in the same vein as psychedelic, wonky, and experimental music.

Wajatta is a collaborative group with comedian and musician Reggie Watts as well as electronic music artist/DJ/producer John Tejada. They have produced a variety of techno-house tracks together, but the real fun is in their live shows since they do live looping, beat boxing, and innovative improv with their music. I fortunately had the pleasure to see them back at Dirtybird Campout 2019 and they were one of my favorites, so I can’t recommend them enough!

On the Nook Stage, there are some artists that established major wavelengths in the electronic industry. The Crystal Method is considered one of the trailblazers of electronic dance music. Alongside pioneers like Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method formed in the early 1990s and blended electronic with rock and hip hop.

Mija was early discovered by mainstream electronic producer mogul Skrillex and signed on to his record label Owsla. She is considered one of top female DJs paving the way for women to mix and produce in the last decade.

Centered photo of Mike Love at the Alive Stage with hands in the air from crowd. ASL interpreter seen on left signing the performance.
Photo by Julien Deroeux

Final major headliner is Coki, debuting a high energy drum and bass set to the Nook Stage. He has been cited as one of the fathers to the dubstep era in electronic music, so it will be a wonderful treat to see a rare set of his at the festival this year.

If two main stages aren’t enough for your music taste, Lucidity will feature three additional stages that consists of local talent and more (very sure to satisfy the music palate of all ages!).

The Movement Lab combines a dance floor with fluid workshops, such as sound baths, ecstatic dance, and yoga during the day. You may recognize some mainstays of the Movement Lab like Cello Joe and Drishti Beats.

Camp Inclucidity is a neighboring stage to the Nook Stage and offers some renegade vibes during the latter parts of the festival evening. Often known to garner the attention of some Nook artists who might even drop in for a surprise set. Who knows!? Catch a vibey Luna Jay set and say hello to the Inclucidity crew while you’re down there.

Movement Lab yoga session with participants flooding out towards the back. Hands stretched and raised over head. Instructor in the middle guiding the workshop.
Photo by Julien Deroeux

Finally, The Imaginarium is a kid-friendly stage that is sure to bring families that are heading to Lucidity this year closer than ever! As they say, family first, and that is no exception here at The Imaginarium. Family, beats, dancing, and fun coming together as one.

No matter what mood you will be in at Lucidity Festival, you’re in for a treat when it comes to discovering some amazing artists at Live Oak Campground.

Lineup banner for Lucidity Festival 2024: Aurora's Light. June 28-30, 2024 at Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara, CA.

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