Embodying the Elements and Embracing Existence

Photo by Parker Garland

As we conclude 2019, it is important to recognize what the elements of our Earth can teach us for the new year.

Water, air, earth, fire, and spirit culminate as one to create the perfect opportunity to transform our inner being and shine outwardly in our truest form. How can you channel your inner elements in 2020?


Water is cooling and tranquil, yet invites some tumultuousness and powerful, earth shifting capabilities. Just like water, our emotions run through the tidal waves of our emotional well-being.

One way to calm the storm that water may provoke is through the ebb and flow of movement, inviting emotional and energetic responses to the psyche and our vessel.

The element of water can be calmed through yoga, exercise, sound healing, plus many other holistic practices that help circulate the inner chi (or energy) within us. Cast off to Lucidity’s Movement Lab and Flow Zone to learn more about some of these offerings!

Photo by Parker Garland

Chi is like water, and energetically releases any blockages or stagnations within our being. Participating in holistic practices in 2020 will help create fluidity within you. Check out the I AM Healing Sanctuary and discover to discover the benefits of reiki and massage.


Air is what drives the crown chakra: our inner knowing of identity, communication, and education. It is what fuels our body. It guides our breath so that we may connect to the present moment.

As you inhale, you harness this concentrated moment of life that goes into your next expression – the exhale. Take these breaths and fill your mind palace with knowledge. Pick up a book to breathe in the words and expel the life in every letter.

Another way to hone upon the air element is through hosting a lecture or teaching what you have learned through research. As we take in new wisdom, or inhale it, we release it unto others, exhale.

Photo by James Lester


The earth element is the spirit’s source of grounding, connection, and growth. We connect through permaculture efforts that support life on our home planet. We create a positive and thriving soil for the growth of plants, which in turn supports all lifeforms on earth.

By bonding through the community efforts that we engage in, we practice culminating an abundance of life as we know it. We explore the challenges and create solutions for regenerative efforts.

Participating in your local community garden, or receiving food from a co-op that supports local produce being accessible to a community will help fuel the earth element within you.

You might also practice taking care of plants at home, and learning about the relationship between earth and its inhabitants from a personal level.

Whichever way you decide to help support the earth, know that it in turn helps us to grow and prosper in our lifespan.

Photo by Underground Exposure


Fire thrives your curiosity and intimate side. When your twin flame comes into your life, your sacral chakra is activated and ignites sensuality.

Explore your innate, tantric nature through dancing with those you’re attracted to. Be it physically, emotionally, spiritually, or even curiously.

Make poetry and kiss passionately. Pay attention to detail of your lips connecting each other’s energy. Play with and explore the heart and sacral chakra connection. Experience the combustion that inspires connection among strangers.


Your spirit guides your inner compass, your dreams, and your library of knowledge within your cellular being.

The spirit dedicates its purpose to discovering the different states of our consciousness. Whether in a state of wakefulness or slumber, it utilizes our knowledge database to flood the soul with a vision and perspective.

All of the elemental processes within ourselves form through the presence of spirit. Spirit reminds us how the elements merge together within us to create an embodied essence.

The intangible becomes tangible. Creating a new reality for your consciousness through traveling or attending festivals like Lucidity help to flood the spirit with a new perspective. It fuels the soul to actively utilize the elements within you.

Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

With the new year upon us I urge you all to hone the elements and invite a new sense of life into the spirit of your days. Light fire to the past and drift into the present. Water the present as to nourish the future. Stay grounded on this earth and allow it to take your breath away.

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