Foresight is 20/20 for Lucidity 2020: Regeneration Earth

Photo by Sydnee Wilson

While 2019 concludes, the excitement ensues as we embark on a new decade – 2020. A sacred number combination, where the year symbolizes our inner focal points in life.

What do you see as your main focus for the next year, or even decade?

The year 2020 is a foundation of our specific goals that we would like to accomplish for the next decade, who (or what) our essence is going to be, and the pragmatic approach on how to attain our true essence and goals for the future.

Foresight is “20/20,” right? Let’s dissect what that phrase even means, and what it could mean for you in the new decade.

A person who can see with “normal visual acuity”, or 20/20 vision, is capable of seeing a clear row of letters on an eye chart from 20 feet away.

Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

If a person could see the eye chart from 20 feet away and the average distance that the human eye can see is 20 feet, then it was considered that the person has 20/20 vision.

Then there is the expression “Hindsight is 20/20,” which stemmed from this standard eye test.

It became the common expression one would say if a situation went horribly wrong, and how one could clearly see what could have been done better.

Based on what the cosmic number 2020 means, and what the common expression “Hindsight is 20/20” means, we can decipher what the year 2020 can bring us as individuals and a collective consciousness. We must simply look forward.

Did an event in 2019 fill you with regret, guilt, fear, or all of the above? Well, 2020 is the year to abandon the events of old, begin with a clean slate, and utilize our 20/20 foresight.

Whether a relationship that began with guilt and betrayal no longer serves you and you realize this after the fact, or if a career is treating your essence unkindly, bring to the surface the potential risky events or life occurrences of 2019 to see them for what they truly can teach you for 2020.

Photo by Edward Clynes

Abandon the behaviors that may not have gone exactly as you had hoped, no matter how much you thought they were okay for your inner focal point. 

What will become the new inner focal point for your life? What specific goals will unfold and come to fruition in the new decade?

If the foundation is unclear, or the approach is uncertain, change your perspective. How and what might that look like?

Maybe it is under the lustrous stars at Live Oak campground: escaping to your new home and family. Or maybe it is purchasing a new book that can unfold some new ideas for your new path in your life.

Whatever that may look like for you, know that you can always learn and grow if your foresight is 20/20. 

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