Loving Other Beings Unconditionally at Lucidity

Photo by Eric Allen

There are Different Levels of Intimacy During a Festival Weekend

We arrive to the grounds of Lucidity with the awareness that a community is culminating in the lush collection of oaks in the Santa Barbara mountains. We come together on a beautiful Friday in April, watching the moon rise into its First Quarter phase.

This phase of the moon symbolically stands for growth, as well as decision making. Decision making that brought you to attend Lucidity.

You will experience growth during this weekend because of the people, music, and healing arts that you will encounter. Through all levels of interaction and intimacy, your spirit will be filled from the love that inhales and exhales into the air of Live Oak Campground.

Growing With Others

There is something to be said about the different groups of people that suddenly arrive to a festival.

The intentions are all different to come to Lucidity, and each individual has the desire to grow from others as well as themselves. The growth stems from different forms of intimacy within the grounds.

Photo by Eric Allen

You have the individuals that are there to attend workshops, the souls who want to escape from their normal work grind to discover themselves, the friends who span from all parts of the state and country, on a mission to flow and feel their community again.

Regardless of intention, those people will still become your community and support you on your journey to fulfill your intentions over the weekend.  


There are many varieties of workshops offered at Lucidity. Some of those workshops challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, and ignite the sparks of communication that may not be organic to some.

Check out some of the CourseWeek offerings that occur prior to the weekend of the festival kickoff! While becoming in tune with your organic creative process, you can get to know all of the other festival attendees that are there for the same reason.

Your vibe tribe is easier to find than you think!

Photo by Amir Weiss

Discover from the Healing Arts

Outside of festival grounds, we tend to lead very fast paced and stressful work occupations. One amazing way to slow down and get in touch with yourself and others is through the healing sanctuary.

Offering energy work, healing, and bodywork, the I AM Healing Sanctuary is an unspoken connection that each of us should experience. Trained professionals work with you on loving yourself, and immersing into our bodies in the most natural of ways.

The natural modalities offered are beneficial for the body-mind and can create positive shifts for one’s paradigm … truly the most humbling way to drop in and feel at home during the weekend.  

The Dance Floor

Another unspoken yet intimate connection with other festival attendees originates from the music, the dancing, and the flow art. Connecting to the music in the same but different ways is how I have personally felt like Lucidity became my home over the weekend.

We all have different forms of expression through dance moves, and I believe it is one of the coolest ways of bonding without words.

Our hearts beat simultaneously with all of these beautiful people as we move together and feel the bass drop. It’s on the dance floor we feel the unconditional love and the indescribable intimacy that moves in our limbs, connecting us all.

See you at Lucidity.

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