The Must-Have Essentials for Your Lucidity Adventure

Photo by Brie’Ana Breeze

The key to having a good time at any music festival is being prepared.

What you will bring largely depends on how long you plan on attending and your camping situation.

Camp Stuff

Convenience of car camping allows you to bring more without having to lug it on and off the shuttle. You can still set up on an awesome camp if you park in the lot.

Check out this article on some recommended items to have at your campsite so you are ultra prepared.

Day Stuff

While meandering through the festival, it’s important to keep a few necessities handy so you don’t have to go back to camp constantly. Bringing a versatile backpack, such as a Camelpak, is a great essential because not only does it compact your water source, but also has enough room to pack snacks, wallet, phone, light, and more!

Photo by Curious Josh

Besides having a plethora of storage, you will feel like you can bring what you need in the moment!

Personal Goods (Self-Care)

Here are some simple things to bring that will help you stay so fresh and so clean. First of all, sunscreen or sun protection will be your best friend for your skin during the weekend. Be sure to bring a cute hat to protect your cute face, so it can glow like the sun and not like a lobster.

For the little dust storms, I would recommend using the mapdanda you will receive upon entry to cover the mouth. It also doubles as a good protector from the sun!

For a little bonus, add a couple drops of some peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil on your bandana (or fancy scarf) to keep those sinuses open!

Night Stuff

The nightlife at Lucidity is incredible, but you must be prepared for a different set of elements that come after the sun sets and the moon rises. Live Oak campground tends to get chilly at night (it is in fact in a valley, near a lake), so it is recommended to pack a jacket in that versatile backpack of yours.

Photo by Brie’Ana Breeze

Also, you might want to change into some closed toed shoes (lightweight leather/pleather boots) because when it gets dark, the critters come out! Protect your precious feet.


Any items to contribute to all of the diversity at this fun and flamboyant festival. I thought this would be a good section to include because on some days, you just are feeling yourself!

Bring a feather boa, or your favorite retropunk gear. If you forgot your flair at home (or you do not have room in your luggage), check out the Trading Post and see what items you can see yourself sporting on the dancefloor!

Being prepared with some of these necessities will help you and your tribe have a safe and enjoyable experience. Just remember, keep it simple and don’t stress about it too much. If you need anything else at the festival there are plenty of people that can help.

See you at Lucidity.

Tickets available here!

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