Our Ancestors Howled at the Moon and So Do We

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How Did Ancient Civilizations Culminate the Modern Concept of Festivals?

What Can We Learn from Ancestry for Moon’s Eye View This Year?

Today, we can find many different types of festivals throughout the world where people gather to celebrate different aspects of their unique cultures.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

Some of the earliest people to organize a large gathering and celebrate a common cause were the ancient Greeks. In ancient Greece (circa 582 BC), the Phythian Games were created to celebrate music, sports, dance and art.  

With the Olympic Games drawing many different athletes away from the ongoing Phythian Games, a more concentrated focus on music and art came as a result. Thus was born the modern concept of a music and arts festival.

Many of the modern concepts of music and arts festivals stem from one of the oldest ongoing festivals in the world: Three Choirs Festival.

Three Choirs has been held annually for over 300 years in England, harboring well known classical artists such as Beethoven, Mozart, Rossini, and Bach. After Three Choirs Festival launched, it inspired other festivals to be created around the world.

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In The United States of America, The Newport Jazz Festival (1954) was the first annual music festival to be held. It played a significant role in bringing music and art festivals into the United States.

With many cultures coming together, Rhode Island became a melting pot of sounds, instruments, food, and more.  From there the music festival scene spread to the west coast with the infamous Monterey International Pop Festival.

It is amazing when we look back and understand how these past gatherings have shaped modern music festivals like Lucidity.

Many modern festivals tend to separate the different elements of culture, but Lucidity knew that it was important to include myriad faucets of creative expression.

If you’re reading this then Lucidity probably holds a special place in your heart; as it does mine.

The different music, arts, and workshops that are offered are all intentionally selected with love to raise our vibration. This is what keeps bringing us back together year after year.

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Lucidity brings all ages and groups together – because everyone has a unique intention they bring to the festival.

As the event nears, you can begin to browse the artists that will be featured in the Branches Mobile Gallery, or day to day schedules of the exclusive workshops that are provided at Lucidity.

There are also featured art installments like the Pyrobar.

And many more new features are emerging at Moon’s Eye View.

Stay tuned on Lucidity’s website to hear more about the music, arts, and workshops coming this spring!

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