The Sounds of Great Synthesis: 2023 Playlist

Epic laser lights fanning over Lucid Stage as though they are the roof.
Photo by Eric Allen

The great thing about Lucidity’s lineup each year is that it brings together up and coming artists alongside those mainstay “big names” we already know and love.

Many other lineups have come out since Lucidity made the announcement last week. I went and looked at a lot of the other festivals and found some similar comparisons to Lucidity’s lineup. And to my surprise, a lot of the artists show as the epic undercards at these larger festivals.

Lucidity Festival allows you to get up close and personal to some of these amazing talents, without the crazy large crowds that may come with the more mainstream festivals.

To get more acquainted with the types of music you may find at Lucidity, it may be helpful to know the different stages spread across Live Oak campgrounds. There are three main music stages at the festival: Lucid stage, Alive stage, and the Nook stage.

Lucid Stage is where you are going to find a wide variety of genres.

Most artists tap into the deep innate, communal, harmonious beats of what this festival was founded from. Here you will get lost in tribal bass drums, global electronica, world-influenced liquid bass sounds.

Tribal bass/liquid bass/global electronica artists to explore at Lucid stage include Desert Dwellers, Treavor Moontribe, Liquid Bloom, The Human Experience, Evan Hatfield, Living Light, and Random Rab. Get lost in the chanting, the unique instruments, and mantra affirmations that will lift you to the cosmos.

Some bass artists to check out that will leave you oozing and melting on the dance floor include the likes of Ahee, A Hundred Drums, Mr.Carmack, Ivy Lab, Elephant Heart, and Morillo.

Let’s not forget the funky electro sounds that create a new spin to the traditional, live instrument funkadelic that our parents grew up with! Artists like Opiuo, Maddy O Neal, Megan Hamilton, Vincent Antone, and Flamingosis will give you that craving of glitchy horn instrument sounds that you never thought you needed in your life. They all have some wubs and subs too, and their combination of these in their songs will leave you itching for more of this sound in your life. 

Live music on the Pyro Bar art car. Man playing guitar accompanied by an accordionist and drummer to his left.
Photo by: Foster Snell | @FosterTheExplorer
Impromptu jam on the Pyro Bar?

The next stage at the festival grounds is known as the Alive Stage.

Ever gone down the rabbit hole of jam bands before? If not, well this stage will do that for you! Some electronically influenced jam bands that are gracing the stage this year include Sunsquabi, The Motet, Kr3ture, Dirtwire, Proxima Parada, and Gone Gone Beyond. The combination of indie-twang and wubs has never been stronger with these artists.

This stage also has the majority of live instruments being performed, often with a twist of bass and drum rhythms intertwined and creates the atmosphere for the most epic hoedown throwdowns you will stumble across at the festival.

Feeling some more reggae, kickback vibes? This stage also invites the likes of reggatonic inspired beats, such as Mike Love, Nattali Rize, Boostive, and Soul Majestic. Maybe you want to get lost in the freestyle and the beatboxing talents, in which case you may want to explore artists like Kiyoshi, Kamauu, Honeycomb, and Butterscotch. Bring a comfy camping chair or a blanket and sit back with a drink and smoke for some acoustic sounds.

Woman walking on slackline (like a tight rope) with Nook stage in the background.
Photo by Eric Allen
Walking the slackline for the lineup release!

Last but certainly not least, the Nook stage.

That house and techno inspired stage that will leave you begging for those soulful “boots and cats” beats. Artists such as Hamdi, VNSSA, Mz. Worthy, DJ Holographic ,Pleasurekraft, J. Phlip, and Dj Heather will keep you chained to that dance floor for hours making you wonder, “Wait…where did the time go?”

The trance you will be under at this stage will uplift your spirits, especially if you thought you were feeling tired and unenergized from the long festival weekend. If you are like me and crave that “Burning Man inspired” Psychedelic Techno and House, I would recommend artists such as Traveler (b2b with Birds of Prey) and Brennen Grey. Truly you will get lost in the sounds as you stare off into nature, possibly a glorious sunset reflecting on the mountainside.

Wherever the festival sounds take you, make sure they are taking you to some dance floor. Whenever you end up at one of the stages, just know that the talent here is strong and you will uncover some amazing artists as you explore over the weekend.

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