Why Lucidity is the Best First Festival

Photo by Edward Clynes

Entering my first Lucidity back in 2016, I was wide-eyed and wondrous.

It was not only my first Lucidity, but my first ever music festival. Entering through the hills of Lake Cachuma, I had no idea what was in store for the weekend. From beginning to end, I had so many learning experiences that would transcend past the festival.

Had I not attended Lucidity: Crossroads in 2016,  I do not think I would have been fascinated by the music festival scene…nor even realized that my life could be lived on a completely different pathway. If you’ve never been to a music festival before, here are some reasons why Lucidity is the best “first” festival for you. 

Lucidity opened my eyes to a new perspective.

I remember attending my first workshop on reflexology near the healing arts center, and I loved it! Not only did it feel amazing after being on my feet from dancing at the Lucid stage, but it brought new ideas to my conscious. I realized how to use my college degree after I graduate, and that was through massage therapy. Lucidity begun a new career path for me because one of the workshops provided a perspective on the holistic and healing arts.

Photo by Aline Kras

Here is another perspective I did not have until Lucidity – seeing the weird and crazy for the first time.

I was in a more conservative and preppy crowd in college, so being able to freely express and be able to witness some cool and out-of-the-box stuff was new and exciting for me. I experimented, explored, and had my mind blown from places like the Lucid Branch Art Gallery.

It was then where I had deep introspection, and I could bask in the curiosity of all of the art pieces. I transported to the different scenes in the paintings, while fully accepting that I had been stuck. I thought I’d had it figured out. But there was so much more to see and be apart of in this realm. The people who created the art were such beautiful human beings. I have never received such innate kindness from strangers. I did not know what to do with it, but learn to accept the gift of unconditional love and kindness. 

Photo by GetTiny

When I had thought I had witnessed all of the new and weird, I took my body to the dance floor.

This is where I saw true and creative expression of all forms. Lovers dancing, friends conversing, individuals dancing solo, and DJ’s actually smiling. What kind of planet had I arrived on? The music was psychedelic, entrancing, with the bass emerging from the big speakers so loud and proud.

It was music I had never been introduced to before. I had been apart of the “TOP 40” fanclub, filling my soul with soulless lyrics and pop-heavy melodies. My music taste QUICKLY changed after Lucidity, not only that year but the year after that, and the year after next. 

Coming into 2022, I am attending my 5th Lucidity in a row with excitement and anticipation for the new learning experiences that will emerge this festival. I am also excited to create new learning experiences for others who are new to Lucidity and what it has to offer them there and at home.

Since Lucidity, I have attended many music festivals and have attained a span of learning experiences for what other festivals have taught me. However, Lucidity taught me how to embrace the weird, and accept unconditional love from strangers from around the world. Just how it taught me these things, it can teach you so much more.

Check out Lucidity this year and see what it can bring you in your life and beyond the festival.

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  1. Is there an approximate band dates and times?
    I would like to know which day/night are The California Honeydrops playing?

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