Spring Festival Fashion Tips


Spring is the most exciting time of the year for festival shopping. Running through the rolodex of all the festivals you have planned for the year creates excitement and new ideas for each vibe, location and temperature you will be in.

First, scan through what you already have. Pick out your favorite pieces that you know you will wear again and ask yourself why you love them so much. It is a good idea to purchase new items that go with your trusted favorites to maximize outfit capabilities.

For clothing, think about what you need more of color-wise and what level of warmth you might be lacking. If you love blue but don’t have any blue pants, remember that when you’re shopping around.

Accessories tend to cost the most amount of money, besides scarves which can be greatly affordable and add pizzazz to every outfit.  Besides that things like utility belts or holsters can be pricey but are well worth the investment. Additionally, anything with pockets is always a win.

Along with color-dressing, follow these tips to ensure your festie wardrobe is stylish and functional.

Buy More of What You Love

You wear it all the time for a reason! If one of your favorite vendors gets those pants you love in a different color or pattern, it is wise to buy ‘em up! The hardest thing about shopping is getting the right fit so when something fits you like a dream, don’t hesitate.


Photo by DNA Imagery.


Make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing and can dance your craziest without having to worry about something coming apart or falling off. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your attire. Look for fabrics with 4 way stretch so you never have to worry about ripping your crotch when dropping it down low. You also want fabrics that are easily washed so they can survive multiple festival seasons.


Harem and drop crotch pants are perfect for all your moves! Photo by Edward Clynes.


Match your outfit to your flow toys! Photo by Vinnie Mac.


A flowing skirt can be a dancer’s best friend. Photo by Edward Clynes.


Wear fabrics that stretch with your moves! Photo by Going Further.

Lerina Winter 3

Dance with your tribe! Photo by Lerina Winter.


Wear boots to get your stomp on! Photo by Vinnie Mac.

Decorate Your Face

A blank face at a festival is like showing up to an office job with no pants on. Face paint, masks, glitter and other bedazzlements are an inexpensive way to set your ensemble apart.


The headdress face paint combo is on point. Photo by Edward Clynes.


Colored brows make a statement. Photo by Alyssa Keys.

David Pricco

A sparkly mask will make everyone around you smile! Photo by David Pricco.


A mysterious mask will invite strangers to strike up a conversation! Photo by Lucidity.


Some little rhinestones paired with a one of a kind hat looks super cute. Photo by David Pricco.

Invest in Headwear

A dope hat, psychedelic scarf or unicorn horn can add an instant “wow” factor to any ensemble. If you’re crafty, you might be able to make something yourself. But you can also support an artist by investing in one of their creations. It can also act as your statement piece for the season. If you wear the same one every festival, it’s a great way to make new friends as people will start to recognize you and come up and say “Hi!”


Otherwordly. Photo by Brie.


Shading your face is an added bonus of wearing a dope hat. Photo by DNA Imagery.


A unicorn horn is the utmost of headpieces. Photo by Get Tiny.

Lerina Winter

A crystal crown fit for a festival princess. Photo by Lerina Winter. Wearing a crown that she made and a Third Eye Pinecone necklace.

Triston 4

Horns set the tone for nightfall. Photo by Triston Lane.

Trust Your Heart

When you see a piece that makes your heart soar and creates a smile from ear to ear, find a way to get it! If you instantly love it, that’s usually the right thing. If you have to go back and forth debating, hold out for something else. If money is an issue, don’t fret. Some vendors are even open to trade and payment plans. Let the universe know your desires and you never know what will happen!

Alyssa Keys

Happy sunnies make a happy person!  Photo by Alyssa Keys.

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    I’m so thankful that you featured a photo of me on the Spring Festival Fashion Tips! I’m the “festival princess” wearing a crystal crown. I clicked on the link and it’s linked to my old instagram account and I wanted to send you a new link, if you could update it please!
    The new link to replace the hippiegypsyjewelry is https://www.instagram.com/lavender_headspace/
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