An irreverent prayer to help shift through the bullschmaltz.

Wandering, lost in a forest of memes and screaming politicians, a frenzied cyclone of voices and data, alerts, boop-beeps and wanton desires… consumed, spinning away in a swirling whirl of WTF and OMG, the violence of FPS and the persistent pings of SMS. Suddenly, a bone-chilling call from deep within the night shook we from our stupor. It was wild Cousin Coyote, returning from his quest into the quiet chambers of the innerverse, roaring back into our consciousness, letting out the pent-up primal animal anger that has been building up all these months… And we joined him in unison, screaming madly to the heavens:


Yes, we really just screamed at the top of our lungs, in full CAPS LOCK, across the internet: FUCK THE DISTRACTIONS. Now that we have your attention, please pardon the vulgar jolt, we aren’t angry… just a little Up-To-Here with a few things and in need of a collective cathartic release.

Photo by David Pricco.

We realize some of you might be in shock over how un-Lucidity it is for us to tout such flagrancy, but trust us… that felt really Good… and sometimes a little bit of well-timed irreverence is just what the shaman ordered.

The constant deluge of beeps and alerts and distractions, barraging us from the depths of our sleep all the way to the edge of our waking consciousness, is enough to drive a sane person absolutely bat-shit-nuts. What’s REALLY worthy of our prolonged attention? For that matter, how do you know if reading this article won’t be a huge waste of time?! It’s increasingly difficult to discern what to pay attention to and what to ignore. Eye candy! Click-bait! Kittens exploding in glitter!! OH MY! Police brutality! ISIS! The Illuminati trying to control our minds!! OH NO!


Bear with us please. We are getting somewhere with this little tirade…promise. Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge a tough truth: that through all the static and witty memes vying for our attention, sometimes it takes some controversy, some sizzle, or some profound truth to pierce through the matrix and shake some lucid awareness into our beings. That’s what we’re all about here in Lucidiland.

Straight from the mouth of our Trixter totem, the Playful Coyote, we extend this profane, lewd little vignette as a prayer and an invitation. Our wish is that it might help you cut through the bullshit that clutters your attention and your days and focus on what’s worthy of your precious awareness in this short life.


Use the Force, Luke! Here goes…

FUCK everything that distracts us from truly knowing ourselves. We are so much more than what society tells us we are… let’s dig deeper.

FUCK the mindless distractions, keeping us from walking our path, embracing our genius, and living our bliss.

FUCK the mind chatter, separating us from our heart space.

FUCK the 24-Hour News Cycle and the corporate deluge of misinformation.

FUCK Ego and FUCK all the ways it wants to distract us with stories about how much smarter we are, how right we are, and how our way is best.

FUCK blame. FUCK shame.

A big flying fistful of FUCK to war, genocide, ethnocide, and the more subtle daily violence against — and marginalization of — Women, Jews, Blacks, Muslim, Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, and Indigenous, and all the blessed social and cultural Others.

And how ‘bout we pour a big glass of FUCK, straight up, and toast to the end of Otherness as we know it, may the fear melt into deep bonds of familial love.

FUCK brain numbing video games, apps, and websites that use up millions of productive man-hours everyday with next to nothing to show for it.

Photo: Inner Muse Photography
Photo: Inner Muse Photography

A landfill full of FUCK to single-use plastic cups and bags, Pacific trash islands larger than Texas, and impoverished communities built on refuse and landfills. Let’s #endsingleuse; it takes all of us to stand for this change with our daily actions.

FUCK expectation, doubt, fear, and judgement. We’re calling forth a new era of acceptance, understanding, appreciation, compassion, and LOVE.

FUCK instant gratification. Act with loving kindness in service to greater objectives than singular missions, and you may know timeless satisfaction.

FUCK making decisions based only on their financial merit. When we act in alignment with our core values, abundance flows in all forms.

FUCK the destruction of our natural habitats. The Animals are part of this family too. They were here first and they’ll be here after.

FUCK all the carnal fucking. Let’s fucking make some fucking LOVE.

(We’re arming our fuck-cannons here. Get your middle fingers up.)

Photo by David Pricco.
Photo by David Pricco.

FUCK lies. FUCK slavery. FUCK malls. FUCK famine. FUCK our dependence on oil. FUCK child molestation. FUCK sweatshop labor feeding our fashion frenzy. 

Let’s stop lying to ourselves about how long we can keep this up, let’s realize that we are free, let’s stop equating commercialism with patriotism and let’s definitely fucking stop rape right now. RIGHT now. Starting today. Consent isn’t Sexy, it’s (cue the Lewis Black impression) FUCKING MANDATORY.

FUCK atomic bombs. FUCK nuclear meltdown.

FUCK all the “fighting against.” Release the resistance… its time to “stand for”.

Photo by Jazzwall Arts
Photo by Jazzwall Arts

It’s time to STAND FOR authentic connection with other beings and souls we love, in real time and space.

It’s time to STAND FOR healing old wounds, and rising in power as whole sovereign beings and healed communities.

It’s time to STAND FOR family, true family, bringing the elders and the youth into our innermost circles.

It’s time to STAND FOR building the rainbow bridge, bringing the tribes of every color together for no less than the survival of our species.

Photo: Inner Muse Photography
Photo: Inner Muse Photography

It’s time to STAND FOR a massive waking up from the deep sleep we’ve been lulled into.

It’s time to STAND FOR the re-enlivening of oral tradition, embracing the importance of storytelling and the passing of wisdom.

It’s time to STAND FOR being mindful in our consumption, asking where our food and commodities come from, investigating the conditions of production and distribution, and voting with our dollars for the companies that do it right.

It’s time to STAND FOR keeping the majority of our commerce local and enriching our community-based conscious enterprises. Farmers Markets, Co-ops, and collectives… yes please!

It’s time to STAND FOR sacred sexuality and reverence for the divine feminine and masculine that exists within each of us.
It’s time to STAND FOR the free flow of information. Power to the people.

It’s time to SIT IN council.

It’s time to STOP, LISTEN and COLLABORATE. In that order.

It’s time to STAND FOR love always, and in all ways.

It’s time to shine our light.

It’s time to shine our light.

It’s time to shine our light.

Holla’ if you hear We.

Bring your shine!

9 thoughts on “F#CK THE DISTRACTIONS!

  1. YES! Stay connected to your own heart & SOURCE within AND remember the
    “KISS PRINCIPLE”? Keep It Simple Sweetie! We have become way to COMPLEX & it is time to recognize that technology has NOT simplified our lives.
    I share with you this simple yet profound heart breath meditation…please do it first thing in the morning & last thing at night…you will be surprised at what a difference this makes in your CLARITY & ability to keep it simple yet beautiful, potent & brilliant.
    and as mama elder, I will always remind you of the above simple truths AND, you guys are doing a hell of a good job! Keep up the good work in SERVICE to LOVE!
    You are in my heart, Alaya Love

  2. Yes, the words echo, and resonate with my heart!! We are the change, we are the council, that will lead to the change we seek. Here, Today, this moment, we all have the choice to choose what, and where we put our energy.

  3. We are all important How we treat each other is recorded. Kindness is a choice like love it may not be easy but it is possible and the personal reality you choose reflects who you are. Thank you fuck the distractions and be excellent to eachother Your all awesome see you on the dance floor.

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