How to Get to Lucidity Like a Nomad

This blog is full of information and links to help you get to Lucidity, pack light, and roll into Lucidity like a true Nomad!

Lucidity Shuttle
Bag Check
Lost & Found

Along with our commitment to take care of the land, we want to make coming to Lucidity as environmentally-friendly and you-friendly as possible, so we are expanding our offer to you, fleet footed traveler, so you can leave the car at home, and get to Lucidity in an economically friendly way.

Jump on the School Bus lets you start the party on the way to Lucidity!
Jump on the School Bus lets you start the party on the way to Lucidity!

Shuttle, it’s not Virgin Galactic, but it will bring you to the Lucid Universe

Our shuttle is a great Deal! Lucidity actually pays our partner Jump On The School Bus to minimize the costs for you and make this less dollars than parking on-site.

Can you help us honor our roots and dive deeper into our core values by using these rideshares and our shuttle this year? This leads to many things,

1. more nature and less default world,
2. less dust throughout the festival
3. happier ecosystem
4. more respect and goodwill with government, community and land keepers
5. more intimate setting to develop deeper connections.
6. increased self-reliance, interaction, exchange and interdependence
7. a sexier experience all around

Nomads Travel Light

Hey, we’ve got to start somewhere, so let’s start with something as simple as packing light. How simple can we show up? How minimal can we be? What if we take a lesson from Bruce Lee:


To help facilitate traveling light, leaving cars behind and traveling by public transportation, and being footloose and fancy-free while you workshop and dance your socks off, we are offering a bag check service this year.

Bag and Coat Check

For all those traveling from afar and with gear that you want to keep in a protected spot and for a clutter free tent (more room for cuddle puddles!), we are making a bag check available to store your gear, cameras, etc. This is a service that fellow lucidians are offering, so there is a cost to compensate them for the care of your belongings: $20 single bag; $30 large/oversized bag (for unlimited access during the weekend). If you get too warm on the dance floor and need to check your big fluffy coat, we offer a coat check at $15 per coat for unlimited access, or $3 coat one time check (+ cc fees if not using cash).  All in a centralized location at our Lucid City Info Hub, available from noon-midnight Thurs., 9 am to 1am Friday-Sunday, 7am-Noon Monday. Check your coat, your gear, whatever you need to feel easy and free to run around and explore all the magic of the festival with a clear mind and open heart.

Image by Adolf Conrad
Image by Adolf Conrad

Travel light to be the light! Bring your hearts and what you need to be comfortable, but leave all the extra stuff behind…let it be about the people and the experiences. As Bruce Lee said,

“Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.”

Lost & Found

Basically, to simplify things, know this: If you find anything you can’t find the owner of, please bring it to the central lost and found at the Lucid City Hub Info Booth. If you lose anything, you can submit a misplaced item inquiry at the Info Booth at Lucid City Hub. The Vault team will check the database of items turned in to see if your item has been turned in yet. If you realize you’ve lost something after arriving home, e-mail lo**********@lu**************.com up until April 26th with a description of your lost item and your contact info. We will do our best to reunite all lost items with their owners. You can make this process SO much easier by simply labeling anything important to you with your name and phone number. For more info, see our FAQ page.

One thought on “How to Get to Lucidity Like a Nomad

  1. On Sunday I helped work a Candle Making Workshop in the Family Village at Leon and Katie’s Upcycling Booth. I brought a big “Sportbrella” -a big blue umbrella-in case it got hot and sunny like last year. Fortunately, or maybe in this case unfortunately-we were in a cool and shady spot this time and I didn’t need the umbrella. As a consequence, I left it against a tree between the Dazzle Dump Pavillion and the “Make your own racetrack” spot. Did it make it’s way into the lost and found? I was told it did by another volunteer. How would I be able to get it back? I can drive to pick it up-I just need to know where to go.

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