Impact Fee WHAT?….Yes, be an Earth Steward with us!

Operation: Tread Lightly /Earth Stewardship Fund

Parking Impact Fee:  Who does this affect? Why is there a fee? What happens to the money?

How can you make YOUR parking situation more enjoyable?

You may have heard that this year we have a new parking policy at Live Oak Camp. For those of you that will be driving a vehicle to the venue, unless you have purchased a car camping pass, EVERY VEHICLE will be asked to pay $20 to park.

This fee is not for us to line our pockets with income. This is Lucidity asking you to take part in our ongoing efforts to change the way we live with the earth and each other, and to take personal responsibility for the harmful effect our activities have on our environment.

Let’s be real. We are bringing 1000’s of people from all over the world for an event that is inherently harmful to our environment. There are 100’s- (perhaps thousands!) of tons of carbon released into our atmosphere every year directly related to our activities. We need your help to turn this around.

Introducing Operation: Tread Lightly

This effort underway represents the latest developments in our continuous effort to lower and eventually eliminate the harmful impact that our gatherings have on our environment. This new Parking Impact Fee will be transparently earmarked for our Earth Stewardship Fund, which finances projects such as:

This year the Alive Stage Funktion-One Sound System will be powered by the sun!Our brand

Can listening to GREAT sound and creating beautiful gardens go together?  YES!
Can listening to GREAT sound and creating beautiful gardens go together? YES!

new alternative power program is intended to develop and apply sustainable power solutions for our on-site electrical needs. Expect this program to develop some of the most advanced solutions to provide for our significant power needs. All those pretty sounds and lights we play amongst in the oaks take a lot of electrons, and the eventual intent is to eliminate combustion generators from the event entirely. This is highly ambitious but it can be done.

At least 5% of each impact fee goes to help lower the cost of shuttle tickets.  This helps encourage less cars, resulting in lower event related carbon emissions, and less toxins leaching into our beloved space at Live Oak Camp.  Our goal is to offer travel alternatives that are simple, reliable, and affordable. Santa Barbara’s own JumpOnTheSchoolBus operates a local shuttle fleet that is fueled by biodiesel, uses water saving techniques to keep the buses clean, and come equipped with premium sound systems. By lowering shuttle tickets, this further encourages less cars driving to the site, having a direct and marked result on lowering our local impacts. More transportation options are available here.

A portion of the fund will be used by Lucidity’s sustainability team to implement what we call festival permaculture. The idea behind this holistic approach to event production is that when we “Leave it Better”, it goes beyond picking up litter and recycling. It includes considering the ramifications and

Can we make these stylish composting toilets part of our festival next year?
Can we make these stylish composting toilets part of our festival next year?

ulterior impacts of everything we do, from the resources we consume or damage, to the toxins and pollution we release into our environment. This money will help us introduce things like composting toilets and sun powered electric production carts. These developments improve the overall experience of the event, from reducing smog and noise, to making the dreaded visit to the plastic box a thing of the past (that’s right, no more Port-o-potties…eventually).

Each year the fund will offer micro-grants to not for profit Earth stewardship ventures. Together with your suggestions, our Strategy for Good Visionary Committee will make one time donations to our favorite Earth steward superstars.  These funds will help make possible tree planting, water conservation, bio-remediation, environmental education, permaculture projects, and more.

Your understanding and support of these efforts is greatly appreciated. And if you must bring a car…carpool and split the costs while making friends, and building community, in the process of doing a little more to help our great green Earth recover! Please direct inquiries to in**@lu**************.com


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  1. Hello…
    Where is the parking/shuttle area?
    I’d like to pick a friend up there so she can come back early by shuttle since I’ll be staying longer.
    Hope this reaches you!

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