Ride to Lucidity & Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Lucidity Festivals is proud to announce our new off-site shuttle program! Tickets are on sale at http://ridetolucidity.eventbrite.com/

There are pick-ups in San Diego, LA, San Fransisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, and San Luis Obispo. Stay tuned for details about local pick-ups in the Santa Barbara area.

Kick back in comfort, meet new friends, and watch a documentary about Lucidity, all while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of this awesome festival! Tickets are affordable, there is plenty of room for your camp gear and festy stuff, AND you will receive expedited entry at the box office!

Coaches are equipped with high-back reclining seats, personal climate control, restroom, overhead compartments, and a full undercarriage for luggage/equipment. That doesn’t mean you can load your theme camp on board, but it does mean you can take that cosmic gorilla clown costume you’ve been itching to strut around in.

Traveling in large numbers by coach is one of the most efficient forms of travel. A full motor  For comparison if you traveled the 600+ miles round trip from San Fransisco, these are the approximate amounts of carbon emitted:

Transport            CO2 Emissions per passenger
Plane                  165.5 kg
Small Car with  2  occupant(s)    61.8 kg
Large Car with  6  occupant(s)    41.4 kg
Train                  51.6 kg
Coach                 29.0 kg

Shuttle ticket sales end on March 28th , or when they sell out- so purchase your ticket now, before you lose the chance!


Also, we are accepting applications for bus hosts in San Diego, LA, and SF/Oakland. Send inquiries to tr******@lu**************.com




1.) If I buy a ticket will I have to wait for it to get mailed?

Answer: No. When you buy your bus ticket you’re emailed a receipt with confirmation number that you can print out and present to the bus driver.

2.) Is there a cut off day to buy a bus ticket?

Answer: Yes. The cut off date will be March 28th providing space is still available.

3.) I’m coming from San Fransisco or San Diego – will there be any stops along the way?

Answer: Yes. There will be stops for food and to pick up other riders.

4.) Where will the pick up locations be?

Answer: All of the pick up locations will be announced soon. We are working to find the most ideal location for each area.

5.) There is a bathroom on the bus right?

Answer: The buses will all have bathrooms.

6.) Is there a limit to how much stuff we can bring?

Answer: There is no set limit but keep it to your basic camping and festival supplies. If you’re planning a theme camp you should send your equipment and other gear with a friend. NO FLAMMABLE OR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS ALLOWED ON BOARD.

7.) Can I buy a bus ticket home if my friends ditch me at the festival?

Answer: So long as there is space on the bus we will have tickets available at the one way rate.

8.) If I buy a bus pass do I still have to go to the box office?

Answer: No! The box office will come to you. A Lucid Staff member will come aboard and scan your tickets before you leave the bus.

9.) What happens if I miss the bus?

Answer: Don’t. Your ticket is non-refundable. If you miss your Ride To Lucidity bus, you are on your own!

10.) Is there parking at the bus stops?

Answer: We are working to choose locations that are ideally suited for weekend parking, but we hold no responsibility for your vehicle, and you should anticipate a fee from nearby lot management. Try and find a friend to drop you off. ***Please see disclaimer.

11.) When should I get to the bus stop in my city and at Lucidity?

Answer: We recommend getting to the bus stops at least a half hour before the bus departure time.

12.) I am super awesome. How do I apply to act as host on one these Rides to Lucidity?

Answer: We bet you are! Please inquire at tr******@lu**************.com about how you could earn a free shuttle pass and be eligible for a cash bonus.




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  1. I have a friend who will need a ride to LAX on Sunday. Is there some kind of rideshare blog or something where he could find a ride? Or, can he still get a bus pass somehow? Please let me know.



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