6 Holiday Gifts for Your Festie Friends

Well the weather outside is… beautiful. At least if you’re on the West Coast like we are. But let’s not talk about the weather. Let’s talk about gifts and gratitude.

Do you know about The 5 Love Languages? Gift-giving and gift-receiving can be one of the most challenging and meaningful acts we do with our friends, family and partners. There are different kinds of gift-givers, certainly. Some of us make handmade gifts, some of us buy funny presents, and some of us like to buy practical, useful products for our loved ones.

As you prepare for Festival Season 2017, we wanted to highlight some gifts that come from our community and support small and medium-sized businesses that share our values.

Get in an Alan Joseph Hood

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

You’ve probably seen the great hoods by Alan Joseph Designs throughout the festival scene (or in the viral madness that is Corey Feldman). You might have seen him DJing as Electric Dandelion.

His work continues to get better and better and he’s having a big sale right now, too. Many of his classics are 30-50% off. 

The great thing about his hoods are that they come in two main varieties. There’s a lightweight product that’s great at protecting you from the sun or dipping into water to keep you cool. And there’s a colder weather fur-lined hood that shields you from cold, windy nights.


Dance Yourself Clean with Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. B’s is perhaps the quintessential brand that’s held strong from the 60’s counterculture to the modern-day festie lifestyle. At home, on-site or on-the-go, we love Dr. Bronner’s for their high-quality product, community activism and support of likeminded brands. They’ve been at it longer than most of us have been alive, and they’re adding more and more great items to their stable.

If you don’t want your friend to think that you’re telling them they smell bad, remember that the liquid soap is great for dishes and other cleaning around the house! You can also grab amazing bar soaps, toothpastes, lip balm, hair care and even coconut oil.

Drink Up in Klean Kanteen

Klean KanteenMy Klean Kanteen from Lucidity 2012 (year one) is one of my most prized possessions. They don’t make that model anymore (the excellent 16 oz. non-insulated bottle), but they continue to crank out innovation that surpasses newcomers in durability, quality and features.

There are all kinds of sizes, shapes and configurations to customize your experience. As far as Lucidity-branded swag goes, we do have a 20oz. insulated collaboration bottle with Summer Solstice for sale in limited quantities.

This is an extremely practical and awesome gift that your loved one will use for years to come. They’re perfect for festivals: easy to clean, easy to clip, and lightweight. We recommend the optional bamboo lid for an even prettier bottle

Light Up the Night with FlowToys

FlowToys make incredible gifts. They’re durable, beautiful and fun. And they’re one of the most coveted products on the festival circuit. Poi, wands, staffs, clubs, whips, they’ve got it all.

And their forever flow™ lifetime warranty ensures your giftee will be flowing, twirling and playing with your gift for the rest of time.

Chains and Crowns from Aya Papaya

Aya is a longtime member of the Lucidicrew and a leader in the world of vendor coordination. Not only is she a marvelous administrator and teacher, she also makes beautiful , high-quality products for her shop AyaPapaya.

We love her beautiful chains and crowns, which are delicately crafted to adorn the heads of your cherished friends. This is a gift that’s sure to make hearts melt.

Festie Swag Central at Festival Fire Fashion

If none of these products quite hit the mark yet, we highly recommend checking out the curated selections over at Festival Fire Fashion. This digital boutique features work from dozens of talented small-businesses and local designers. You’re sure to find a unique and meaningful gift here!

Open the Portal: Buy Them a Ticket to Lucidity Festival

Lucidity 2015 DNA Imagery
Don’t Hate, Create! www.dnaimagery.com

We’ve got a horn and, gosh darnit, we’re gonna toot it. Bringing your friend, relative or partner to Lucidity Festival 2017 is a sure-fire way to open up a whole new dimension of your relationship. Over the years, I have brought dozens of friends into the fold by either buying them a ticket or finding them a volunteer spot. As a result, it has made our connection deeper and more meaningful.

One of my favorite things about Lucidity is that for the last three years, my mom has been coming out to create the Mothers of Lucidity zone in the Wise Owl Healing Sanctuary.

Mothers of Lucidity
Don’t Hate, Create! www.dnaimagery.com

From families to nomads, goddesses to tricksters, there’s a place at Lucidity for people from all walks of life.

It’s truly a great festival for first-timers or experienced festival-goers: with lots of shaded camping, an easy-to-navigate terrain, available meal plans and a family-friendly flow, you can’t go wrong with buying a Lucidity ticket as a gift. Come experience this special sixth year of our six-year story arc.

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