Lucidicast Episode 1: Dream State


Welcome to Lucidicast, the Lucidity Festival Podcast. In our first episode, we take you back to Lucidity 2014’s Lucid Dreaming Panel at Lucidity University.

Featured guests on the panel are Richard Hilton, Laurel Lyons, Noah Crowe, and Nathaniel Solace. The panel is moderated by Jonah Haas, Dream Counselor and Marketing Director of Lucidity Festival, LLC.

Lucidicast is a collaborative channel for transformational thought, collecting content from a vast array of leaders in spirituality, health, science, art, and more. The podcast is hosted by Wesley Wolfbear Pinkham, online at

Music provided by Terrakroma. Listen to them on the web at @terrakroma-music

Cover art is a collaboration with the talented Erik Seyster who paints under the name Vajra. See his work and purchase his art at

Additional resources from this podcast:
Explorers of the Lucid Dream World (Documentary) by Richard Hilton at

You Can Lucid Dream worksheet from Richard Hilton at…ream_com.pdf

The Mutual Dream Experiment at


Tasty Thought Morsels and Funky Jams from Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara, CA

One thought on “Lucidicast Episode 1: Dream State

  1. I didn’t know that much about it, but I’d heard about flying.
    What are you up to next book wise or projects wise and any links you’d like to share with us.
    If you remember, Future Spock coached Young Kirk to help Young Spock let go.

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