nighttime vibes at the lucid stage are electric
Photo by Juliana Bernstein, Get Tiny

Wake UP and Get DOWN to this Playlist!

You can almost hear the rumbling. It’s March. That means we’re about a month out of Lucidity and it’s time to start discovering all the hidden gems in our lineup through our Soundcloud playlist. So go ahead and power up your week with jams lifting off at the Lucid Stage in 2017.

What is the Lucid Stage?

Late night vibes at the Lucid Stage. This playlist will get you in that vibe!
Dance Vibes. Good Vibes. Photo by DNA Imagery

The Lucid Stage is our main stage at Lucidity. The Lucid Stage showcases the quintessential sounds of Lucidity: deep mid- and up-tempo bass music to move your body and soothe your soul.

These vibrations pulse from one of the best Funktion One sound systems on the West Coast. The Lucid Stage is in the heart of the Lucid City, the bustling center of our collective dreamworld. Share our largest dance floor with the rest of the Lucid Family and let the vibes carry your experience. Enjoy stunning visuals and effects, and an array of performance artists in the flow of their craft.

The Lucid Stage is always pure magic, we’ll see you in the circle.

Roy Huerta illustrated the Lucid Stage
Illustration by Roy Huerta

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