? MUSIC PLAYLIST: Discover Your Inner Nomad ?

When you feel it, you feel it.
Photo by Lerina Winter

Turn Your Ears on to this Playlist

Well, Lucidity is just around the corner. That means it’s time to start discovering all the hidden gems in our lineup through our Soundcloud playlist. So go ahead and power up your week with jams lifting off at the Nook Stage in 2017.

What is the Nook Stage?

Getting funky at the Nomad's Nook
Photo by Edward Clynes

The Nook Stage, in the Nomads’ Nook, showcases up and coming, deep house, tech house and techno along with forward thinking 808, footwork and trap styles. At Nomads’ we like to raise the vibrations high while the bass hits deep and low.

Our long time collaborators Music is Love regularly curate an amazing musical lineup that is sure to keep your booty moving all day. 

Roy Huerta illustrated the Nomad's Nook vibes
Illustration by Roy Huerta

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