5 Fast Festival Fixins for Vegans [RECIPES]

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Lucidity is just around the corner, awaiting to nourish your soul with art, music, and teachings. As our love and unity permeate the festival grounds, the Earth speaks back to us, letting us know that we are all one. While we serve the earth, it serves us right back. Vegan cuisine honors this symbiotic relationship by providing us with everything that we need to nourish our bodies and fuel our souls for the adventures awaiting us. If this is your first experience camping at a festival… fear not! Here are some tips and recipes to keep you going all day and night long! They’re fun, easy to make, and if you’re not a vegan- you’ll love it anyway!


  • One thing I strongly advocate is to LEAVE THE PLASTIC AT HOME altogether. I know that it may seem quicker to eat and cook using plastic, but it does nothing to serve the Earth that is providing us with this incredible playground. Now, I’m not saying that you should bring all of your kitchenware. But there are alternatives- like bamboo! It’s beautiful, easy to clean, and eco-friendly!
  • Yes that means, DITCH THE WATER BOTTLES. Not only are individually packed water bottles wasteful, but a giant gallon jug of water can also be used as a light source! Simply wrap a headlamp around a gallon jug of water, turn it on, and let there be light!!! When you go off adventuring, remember to fill up those canteens. I will say this again, and again: STAY HYDRATED!! We’ll also have water stations to fill your canteens throughout the grounds!
  • Another tip is to FREEZE YOUR WATER. This works as a giant icepack to keep everything cool on your journey to the festival. Plus, when you get there, you have some nice, cold water to set up your groovy site~*~ I also like to bring a small watermelon that I freeze as a sweet treat to reward the troops after setting up home base. It’ll be nice and cold and exactly what you’re craving! Share some with your neighbors and make some friends!!
  • Get rid of extra packaging before you go! You’ll have less to pack out, and reduce the amount of trash on the grounds.
  • Bring along some kombucha, kimchi, or curtido in case someone gets an upset stomach! (Thanks Megan!!!) The fermentation process required in making these products produces enzymes and probiotics that settle an aching tummy!

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It’s important to be in tune with all that you do, from feeding to playing. When you do things with love and care, it carries through. Offer yourself to serve in unison with nature. This planet gives us everything, as we humbly accept its offerings. A vegan diet allows you to understand all that this planet does for us. When you actually participate in the ritual of gathering ingredients and preparing a meal, it allows you to truly connect with what you’re doing. So, if you’re ready to tune in for some rockin’ recipes, read on!

If you find yourself to be as excitable as I am, and want to run off and frolic the moment you wake up, snack bars are the way to go! This recipe from The Kitchn uses only 4 ingredients! Make them before the festival for an easy grab and go snack! The simple ingredients keep you full, and the best part is you can make it your own! Try adding some seeds like hemp or chia for extra omega-3 or some goji berries for vitamin C! 4- ingredient Banana Oat Bars

Another quick breakfast ideas: Mix oats, cinnamon, dried fruit, nuts in a jar. Then, add hot water water for quick, nutritious instant oatmeal. Another tip? Nut milk doesn’t require refrigeration until they’re open and doesn’t go bad as easily so it’s better for camping!

This recipe is easy and great if you’re caravanning with a bigger troop. If you’re not into soy products, you can substitute the tempeh in this recipe with mushrooms instead, like I did! It’s really easy to make your own. I like mine with fresh avocado, cilantro, and lime!! Follow the recipe over your handy camping stove and you’ll have them lining up for seconds in no time! Mmmm! Black Bean Tempeh Tacos

Whenever I go camping, I find myself doing the cooking. This next recipe is another one for those of you camping in numbers. It’s packed with veggies and protein and will leave you feeling satisfied and comforted after a long day of playing in the Lucid realm. Ground yourself with this earthy, hearty chili to recharge you for the continuing play under the moonlight. Chunky Vegetarian Chili

Fooding - alyssa Keys

Photo by Alyssa Keys

Another staple for me when camping is roasted veggies. It’s so simple and yet again, you can make it however you like. Embrace spring by roasting some seasonal veggies for dinner. Here’s how you do it: Start your fire. Cut up some vegetables, and toss them in olive oil with some garlic, salt, pepper, and paprika. I like a combination of carrots, potatoes, radish, and asparagus. Sometimes I’ll omit the paprika and go with some simple herbs instead like rosemary or thyme. Wrap it up tight in a foil packet, and cook over the fire for about 30 minutes. Bon Appetite!

Last but definitely not least, when your fire has finally burned down to embers, roast up some peaches for dessert! Cut your peaches into quarters. Toss ‘em with cinnamon, pecans, and brown sugar or agave. Wrap it all up, tight in some foil just like your veggies and set them on the coals for about 20 minutes! It’s a smoky, sweet treat to kick off what’s sure to be a sweet night!

I’ll leave you on this note: Cooking for yourself feeds your body and nourishes your soul. A good Lucid warrior should know to put their loving and positive intentions into everything they do. That’s why when you cook from the heart, you can feel it in your being.

This Lucidity, at the Crossroads, I challenge you to take a road you haven’t taken before, and try something new. If you don’t have the time to prepare there’s always our nourishing mindful feeding pass to consider. It’s fast, super healthy and it lets us handle all the work preparing your meals so you can get back to living, learning and loving out there on the dance floor.

Whatever you do, make sure that you take some time to take care of you. It will make you feel great and you may just find that it’s also really, really yummy!

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