The Mysteries of the Lucidity Mythos Oracle Deck


It is the fifth year of the Lucidity journey, and we have indeed come to a crossroads. Everything we have worked for has come together. Now, it is time to determine what we will do with all that we’re learning so that we can decide where it will take us. We have overcome the gathering of tools and knowledge. We, the dreamers of the new dawn, must now surpass the void and conquer our fears together to create the sustainable future we see ahead. We know it is possible. We have seen it to be real. Together, we have built it, piece by piece. The Lucidity Mythos Project is back this year, to guide us into becoming a synchronized part of our collective journey.

The Lucidity Mythos Project has channeled the artistic talents of 22 visionaries, and plenty of magic to create for us the Mythos Oracle Deck. If each of us has ancient knowledge in our being that is constantly being translated to us in a dream state then this deck will be useful on the path to intense personal discovery. The Lucidity Mythos Deck was created as a point of reference and guidance for any moment we encounter stagnation. It also serves as a Rosetta stone when you’re trying to piece together those fragmented glimpses that you hold onto between this and the dream world. It has been a voyage in itself to reach our crossroads, but this is where the true quest begins.

These will be your guides:

Upon receiving your Mythos Oracle Deck, you are automatically immersed in the Mythos Wanderers Game. This Alternative Reality Game that pulls you into a mystical world, in which you’re the hero. Be prepared for a journey in which you discover ancient wisdom, quintessential truths and tests of self, including what it means to be a Lucid Guardian.

Oracle Deck

As we follow our path, it may not always be simple or clear. These cards have been carefully created to spark creativity. With them we hope you’ll be able to see the best path for you when you arrive at your own crossroads. Each card deck is equipped with a scan-able QR code to quickly access interpretations for readings.

Simply focus all of your energy and intention on your question as you shuffle the deck, choose a card, first find your own meaning in what you see on the card, then if you’d like to confer with the Lucidity Mythos Oracle scan to access its interpretation.


Often, our path is not immediately obvious. The Mythos Deck is designed with the very principles of expansiveness and self-discovery that have shaped our Lucidity community into what it is today by bringing together the creative energies of leading visionary artists from all over the world. Get your deck here, and come play in the Lucid realm!

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