What is Reiki? Lucid University Instructor Astarius Miraculii Explains


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Astarius Miraculii has been practicing spiritual work for 43 years as a Vocal Harmonic sound healer, poet, astrologer, as well as a certified Reiki Master for 23 years. He will be teaching a 4-day intensive course in Reiki Level 1&2 for the Lucid University Courseweek that is sure to provide participants with a sturdy groundwork in this powerful healing module using the ancient healing energy of Ascended Light. Astarius Miraculii has done readings for countless people, and initiated several Reiki Masters himself over the years. His work is centered around honoring our universal selfhood and allowing personal expansion.

 What was the catalyst for you to go on a path to teach others about healing and empowerment?

The catalyst is simply the divine intention of my life. It was a force that rose up deep from within my core. It’s not really a matter of external things that happened. One thing is just realizing the tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom that I came into this lifetime with. It really was a no brainer that I was meant to share that with other people. I want to see people experience the same exaltation that I experienced in my own being.

What teachings can your students expect to learn about in your Courseweek?

People will basically learn a healing art, from the premise of doing the healing session on another person as well as a healing session on one’s self. One of the key things with Reiki is that it strongly emphasizes on one to do treatments on themselves because the more attentive you are to your own self, the more effective you’re going to be in helping other people… Every time is now. Every space is here. Everyone is me.

That’s what makes a powerful healer—when they share healing with a group or an individual, the overriding intention is that the whole universe is blessed and quickened, multiplied and expanded by what is being given to that group or individual. That’s the way that healing energy works anyway, but with that specific intention is carried, it becomes that much more powerful. I am always working from the premise of the oneness of the wholeness. When I do personal healings for people, one of the first things I say is that, Healing is given to you, to me, and every being in all existence included in helping in your healing.

Your hands are the hands of Goddess, Brahma, Shiva. Your hands are the hands that have healed. It’s a matter of remembering—remembering who you are as a healing vessel. That’s the whole essence of Reiki. It’s always about Universal Life Energy. The bottom line of the actual Reiki transmission is not something to be intellectually taught, even though there are intellectual things being offered in regards to particular styles and approaches, but the actual empowerment that happens with the Initiation Attunement Ritual.

I use a lot of the frequency of sound in my Reiki trainings, which is a unique thing I do in my teachings. Reiki is basically hands-on healing art. Because I am a Reiki Master teacher and also a Wizard of Sound, I incorporate sound with the Reiki. It’s vocal harmonics. If you combine this with the Reiki, the frequency of the harmonics is transmitted through the hands. I also use the didgeridoo to open up someone’s frequency in the Initiation Attunement Ritual, which is very powerful.

Photo by David Pricco

Photo by David Pricco

What are some common misconceptions about Reiki and how would you define or explain Reiki for someone who does not know what it is?

One of the key definitions of Reiki is Universal Life Energy. It ties into the three key principals of Source: omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence. It is a path to begin to move into all-powerfulness. That’s the omnipotence. Then there’s an automatic subdivision of consciousness that happens organically when working with this energy. Then of course the omnipresent—becoming a keener awareness of the oneness of the wholeness and the fact that being in all existence is being oneself by extension.

Reiki is a coded ritual that is done and has been handed down from lineage to lineage, called the Initiation Attunement Procedure. What this basically does is open the healing channels within a person. Everybody has healing energy that works through them. The average person is like a garden hose, and the waters flowing through them are healing waters. When you get initiated into Reiki, it’s like having your being expanded. Those same healing waters are flowing through with a lot more force. Basically, it’s opening up those healing channels, it’s consecrating the hands.

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily use the term misconception, but rather that there are a lot of different variables of quality in terms of transmission of Reiki energy. A lot of people come to me to train to be a master teacher, but they lack a foundation and just aren’t ready. They may be practicing some kind of healing modality, but Reiki is a very specific energy, and the transmission of that happens through the Initiation Attunement Ritual. I you say that you’re practicing Reiki, then you are of that lineage and I feel like a lot of people mistakenly say they practice Reiki.

How should someone prepare for your course before the festival?

The basic preparation is open-heartedness and a sense of readiness to open themselves to receive. Having an open heart to receive what is going to be given. Hopefully there will also be some measure of faith. What I mean is, one believing in themselves; believing in their capacity to effectively step into this; to use it in a meaningful way in life. If there is some faith around that, it really makes my job easier. It just won’t be as effective for those without faith in the process.

Ultimately, the more faith you come with, the more powerful it’s going to be. It’s easier to come with faith when one feels a resonant connection with all that is. The biggest trap in the human condition is feeling separate, because we become impotent when we feel separate. The power in us is recognizing the microcosmic container of the macrocosmic all that is and the macrocosmic all that is, is each of our own selves by extension. That’s constantly what I teach.


Photo Credit: Christine Brody

How do I know if Reiki is right for me?

By the guidance of your own heart! If your heart feels a very strong call to it, then it is for you. I would say that one of the things really powerful about Reiki as a healing modality is that it seems to fit with a larger number of people. I would say that it is very, very appropriate for lots and lots of people and it’s also one of those healing modalities that people really, really love and appreciate.

Traditional Reiki strongly emphasizes that one do a Reiki treatment on themselves every day. When you do a Reiki treatment on yourself, there’s a deep resonance of calm that comes over you. It becomes an automatic state of meditation, and a major balancing of the emotional body. There’s always an emergence from the treatment with a deeper sense of connection to Source, as Source.

How would you explain Lucidity to others who practice Reiki?

Lucidity is certainly one of my favorite festivals, because I like the spiritual frequency that is incorporated into it. There is a spiritual groundedness about Lucidity that I really love. The energy is very beautifully consolidated and the infrastructure seems to put a lot of emphasis on the spiritual expansion process. There’s so much fun you can have with dancing, and all of the different things you can partake in, and at the same time it’s a catalyst for a tremendous expansion of consciousness. That’s how I’d describe Lucidity.




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  1. Certainly grateful that I was called to Reiki 15 years ago and I am so proud that the call of the Universe was heard by Astarius, my Reiki Master and dear friend.


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