Playlist From Above: The Music of Moon’s Eye View

Photo by Kris Kish / The Sights & Sounds

Lucidity is coming up so quickly you can almost hear it.

But wait! Now you can actually hear it on our playlist filled with tracks by artists on our lineup.

From headlining giants like Emancipator and Opiuo to underground tech-house savants such as Kaysin, all the way to the niche corners of Whiskerman and our beloved Everyman & Henry Pope Pumpkin Tribute, Lucidity is looking and sounding dreamy as always.

Whether you’re looking to discover some acts you’re unfamiliar with or pump up the excitement, this playlist is sure to hold you over until we all gather at Live Oak Campground.

It’s filled with a bit of everything from House to Folk and many in betweens. Definitely worth listening all the way through as there are some real gems in the smaller acts.

Enjoy below or visit Soundcloud here!

Who are you most excited for this year?

Come dance the night away with us. Tickets available here!

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