Scheduling Pro Tips and Inevitable Spontaneity

Sometimes you just can’t plan for this!
Photo by Jones Around The World

Ready? Set!…Lucidity!

Lucidity is rapidly approaching and we can hardly wait to show you all the magic we’ve been brewing up. To give you a little taste of all the special sauce that’s been cookin’, we’ve released our schedule for both the music and workshops.

There’s so much packed into one page, it can be a little overwhelming. So here are some Pro Tips to help you get the most out of the schedule.

Download the schedule to your phone or find another creative way of keeping track of what’s happening. In order to reduce waste, Lucidity does not print individual schedules.

If you don’t bring your own schedule, we will have larger ones posted at each of the stages. If you must print out the schedule, try to use it in a creative project that will extend its life and keep the spirit of Lucidity alive in your heart!

Photo by James Lester

Plan to break your plans.

Scheduling things out in advance can be fun and build your anticipation, but remember to embrace the chaos!

Let the festival winds blow you in alternate directions, leave time for the unexpected and discover something new. It’s best to make a list of a few “must sees,” but leave a lot of open time to explore, follow a friend, or make some new ones!

Take at least one workshop! With over 100 workshops addressing topics from movement, to sexuality, and plant medicine, there’s something for everyone. We even have workshops geared to young children and teens. If you already love Lucidity for all the shared knowledge, it’s not too late to sign up for CourseWeek.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the musical acts, or just build your excitement check out  our playlist with over 24 hours full of music from (nearly) all of our performing artists.

Make sure to note: we’re doing something a little different with the Lucid stage this year. Our main stage will blend both live and electronic acts. So don’t assume you know where a band will be without checking first.

For all you late night ragers, we’ve added a silent disco AND the Dusty Barrel stage will go later than previous years.

What are you most excited for on the schedule?

See you are Lucidity. Tickets here!

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