Seven Immersive Villages To Explore At Lucidity

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One of the things that makes Lucidity a unique experience is our archetypal themed villages. All of our camping is divided into seven different regions, offering an environment for everyone! The villages are a great way to meet up with campmates traveling separately, find the perfect workshop, and expand your festival family by connecting with people who have similar interests. Villages are open to everyone. There’s no application process, you’re all accepted! If you’d like to add your own theme camp as part of a village’s interactivity, you can fill out an application to expand on the experience.

Each village has its own ethos and totem animal, represented through the environmental design and offerings throughout the weekend.

Lover’s Nest
Ancient Greeks believed that one word was too small to define the complexity of “love.”  They broke down love into four different categories—agape “unconditional,” phileo “platonic,” storge “familial,” and eros “romantic”. Lover’s Nest is home to Lovers of all kinds, including those looking to give themselves a little self-love after all that dancing. Snack on some yummy treats, lounge in gigantic cuddle puddles with fellow Doves, and enjoy some “heart-centered” music at the Lover’s Stage.

Lover’s Nest Event Page

Trixter’s Playground
Land of the Coyote, Trixer’s Playground offers space for you to embrace the jester and get RIDDLE-culous. Dance at the Trixter’s stage, “Loki’s Lagoon” which will be hosting live and live-tronica music.

Trixter’s Playground Event Page

Warriors’ Way
In many cultures a warrior is not just an aggressor, but a protector, one who has sharpened their mind, as well as their sword. Learn the art of qi-gong, tai-chai, kung-fu and more with the Humble Tigers between studying your favorite flow prop and sustainable animal harvesting.

Warriors’ Way Event Page

The Healing Sanctuary
Self care is an easily neglected aspect of festival going, so we’ve dedicated a whole village to it! Offering courses lead by many Wise Owls in many different disciplines including reiki, sound healing, tarot, yoga, and essential oil therapy, the Healing Sanctuary is equally focused on expanding your skills as a place for you to get those sore muscles worked on.

Healing Sanctuary Event Page

Family Garden
Home to our future, the Dragons of Family Garden welcome children of all ages. Lucidity believes in giving children their own special festival experience, something much more fun than day-care. Family Garden programming will include music, art, workshops, snacks and more.

Family Garden Event Page

The Nomad’s Nook
Unitizing rebels, loners and individual personalities of all flavors, The Nomad Nook is the place to release your Wild Monkey energy!  The Nomad’s Stage will be bumping beats ranging from deep house and techno to, 808, footwork and trap non-stop during the weekend. The Nook will also host educational workshops focusing on radical self reliance and sustainability.

Nomad’s Nook Event Page

The Goddess Grove
The Goddess Grove offers a safe space for humans of all identities to access the feminine inside us all through the power of the Jaguar. A symbol for untamed feminine energy, the Jaguar embodies grace, beauty, darkness and the new moon. Hear from female leaders in our community, and explore all aspects of femininity.

Goddess Grove Event Page

Where will your crew explore? While you wait, join each village’s event page today and start meeting your fellow villagers!

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